oh so dr. zhivago

Yes, of course, given the choice, I'd rather be swimming in warm turquoise waters, but I must admit, this White Christmas has been just gorgeous, and I'm really getting into the cold weather look, especially around faux fur and the whole snood thing (more about that coming up). I'll do more shots of Roz (Clothes, Cameras and Coffee) after she's seen them, and I don't know where she got everything she's wearing apart from that her cape was thrifted/vintage/cheap (she's got the Midas touch in that respect) so no doubt her Lara's Themed hat is, too, but I do know this: the charm bracelet is from Pearl, one of the most generous souls in this or any world.

(oh and p.s.: I had no clue when on a whim I posted this this morning, that Dr. Zhivago was on Channel 5 here in the UK today @ 2:25 - and I was out and missed it! Oh and also I've now got two less followers than when I woke up this morning - but who's counting. And I'm going to do ANOTHER post with Roz from the same day now that I have sourced her outfit - she simultaneously also unknown to me at the time, has posted different shots, same clothes. So bye bye to more followers, but hey, that's life).


Marin said...

ah Roz is so gorgeous! If you're reading this, Roz, I hope you're doing well post-surgery xx

Nice snow shots too, Jill, where is that!?

Clazzerati said...

I agree with Marin, Roz is utterly gorgeous -her eyes are intriguing, drawing you in.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Jill xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos - so strange that I've just been watching Dr Zhivago on TV x

Carrott said...

Roz looks beautiful. And that place is amazing. Dr Zhivago is my mum's favourite film and I always tell her that we need to watch it together but we never find the time to do it! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! xxx

jill said...

Thank you Clazzerati, Kate, Carrott.

@Marin: top shot is the river in Ludlow (Shropshire) - I don't know what it's called. Bottom shot, driving on the short cut to his parents in Herefordshire - we almost got stuck when a car came in the other direction, they had to back up.

Pearl Westwood said...

Hey Jill, argh I hate it when you leave a huge comment and it vanishes!! I am sure your original comment was hilarious ;-)
Yes, the charm bracelet was one of the things I sent Roz in her get-well-soon parcel. I used to make jewellery and have a few pieces stashed away for presents and things, its funny as they all end up going to people I could specifically have made them for even though I didn't know it at the time. This one was based on a little set of Russian dolls which reminded me of a real English tea party, so all the charms and beads are themed around that - so of course it was ment to be Roz's, our perfect English Rose! People always ask me why I never wear the jewellery that I make, I just get more pleasure out of seeing others wearing it!
Which remnds me actually - will email you before I take up your entire comments section xx

Pearl Westwood said...

Oh and I think Roz said her hat was Kangol x

Pearl Westwood said...

Oh yeah one more thing - god I wish comments had an edit, here is the post I did way back on the jewellery making: http://fashionpearlsofwisdom.blogspot.com/2009/07/treasure-chest-of-vintage-jewels.html

Ok now I really am done ;-)

Style Odyssey said...

Shropshire....My friend's sis Maz (she's now my friend, too) lives in Shrewsbury, and routinely hikes that beautiful countryside. I really want to see it for myself.
Pretty snow, pretty Roz...I see a common theme here. ;)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous pictures- I love Dr Zhivago and your right - this looks exactly like the scenery in it. Roz is one of my favourite fashion bloggers and as usual she looks amazing (I adore her hat!). Great post- Happy New Year :)