going out guide: finish the thought

Lounging around, Mr. D is reading a book - we just watched Intolerable Cruelty for like the fourth time, it is hilarious - and I'm too knackered to write anything of interest, but I've got all these shots from that day @ MY WARDROBE that I want to show you. I feel I've lost my December 2010 to ElleGate and have neglected everything, even posting what I meant to post, but it's nearing a resolution - I hope! - and when it's all over, I promise to give you all an easy to follow guide to copyright infringement protection.

But for now: two pics by Polka Dot, of Natayla and Tala, as before. I'm not linking anything because I'm a lazy old cow. It's all from My Wardrobe, and you can find the sourcing in older posts. Besides, I really hope you're all out doing something sparkly and festive, not reading my stupid old blog. I'll post more shots again sometime soon. Have a lovely Friday night everyone! x O x O x


Jessie said...

The heavier coats look amazing with the prints!

daisychain said...

Gorgeous photos, they have wonderful style.

Much love to you Jill x

the style crusader said...

Absolutely love their outfits. Beautiful photos. xx

Style At Every Age said...

Those girls look wicked! Beautifully styled! Hope you are well x

Heather Fonseca said...

Love those outfits! Super super super cute.