Pearly (Fashion Pearls of Wisdom) and I got into a little running banter about it. Then.. I think she found in Grazia, someone coined the term BLIRT (BLOUSE + SHIRT). Which, I guess, is better than SHLOUSE.

Which are you, shirt or blouse? I personally like clothing that is soft - I've been wearing a lot of tees this summer, either white skinny ribbed men's tees.. come to think of it, most are either my dad's, my brother's, or husband's. With lots of sparkly chains and necklaces (more about that coming up) but I'm really into comfort. So what I like are shirts - like this old white Brooks Brothers one that might have once been my husband's - which are worn and soft. Soft like a blouse, tailored/masculine like a shirt.



Anonymous said...

Shirts. Most definitely shirts. In fact, a while ago I wrote a post called "It's not a blouse, it's a shirt!". I just feel really powerful when I wear them - they're a proper business look.

Style At Every Age said...

I have still to purchase a classic white shirt, I might have to pinch one of my husbands and like you I prefer something soft, not stiff. I love the term Blirt but we should rebel and use Shlouse! Hope you had a great holiday. I am trying hard to catch up with blogs after a busy summer!

style odyssey said...

shirts. :)
mr. odyssey has a couple of beat-up old white shirts that are now perfectly soft and aged. one's like yours here, the other is linen. we call them "beach shirts" now, and yes- he wears them to the beach! (and fishing.)

SabinePsynopsis said...

I LOVE shlouse! It sounds kind of indecent...
I like to think of myself as a shirt girl, but in reality I'm all blouse... Total softie, that's what I am. X