sea of tranquility

From last week, when we stayed with our friends in Tranquility, NJ. Jim, my dearest friend Maryann's husband (M & I met in Denmark on a college program, travelled thru Europe, Greece etc), is an architect, and he spent 10 years converting the giant mill into the most imaginative clapboard 'castle'. Maryann is constantly evolving the interior design. It is a labour of love.

Speaking of love, I was at their wedding: it was at Bear Mountain lodge, and it was perfect. Andy Warhol and his friend happened to be there, while they were doing the wedding photos, and he took some. I wonder where those shots are now.

Speaking of labour: soon as I get there, as I have since their grown children were toddlers, my favourite thing is to climb onto the waterfall and 'clean it up': sweeping away the green stuff that grows, then getting on my hands and knees and rubbing the old concrete, revealing the beautiful colours as the water rushes over it. Then going for a swim. Bliss.

Speaking of bliss: still on holiday, still sunny, off to the pool. So many photos, so little time. Enjoy yours, wherever you are.


The Foolish Aesthete said...

Beautiful lakeside photos in Tranquility. So aptly named.

Anonymous said...

Amazing shots and story Jill - glad you are having such a lovely, relaxing time in Tranquility. I suppose the name says it all! I too went for a swim today - but in the Atlantic. Despite the cloudy weather the sea was actually quite warm (for Britain!) and the waves were so fantastic I completely lost track of time! I think that swimming is the ultimate freedom - I feel so privileged that I can swim, I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't.

mtg said...

YOu making me wish I lived in Tranquility, NJ. Such a great name for a place like that. Bliss indeed!! Didn't you go there last year? I remember some of last summer's photos.

jill said...

Maya (Soccer Mom) it's uncanny: was just thinking about you and I saw this! Yes we went last year, too - I feel like the photos and posts - and feelings - are so similar. It's like going back to a dream. They are the most wonderful friends and we have a lot of laughs with them, their family and friends (our friends now, too) but it's those quiet, private moments, which are hard to describe except with the camera.

Alexander: I totally agree. I'm about to post about it again - and I'll quote/link you. It's also encouraging to hear because when we go home to London tomorrow, I"m really hoping that we'll do something like go camping in Cornwall - I don't want to feel like the summer's ending - so it's great to know the sea is warm now (yes, for Britain ; )

Thank you, Foolish Aesthete. I feel like I'm neglecting my blog a bit - and not visiting others enough - so your comments are such a kind way of showing your support.

SabinePsynopsis said...

This looks like you're totally in your element, Jill. Tranquility looks heavenly indeed. X