swimming in the rain

Most of the days of our three week swimming holiday have been gloriously perfect beyond belief. But it's the times when it's rained - and one early evening, even really stormed - that are often the most magic for me. Because, unless there's thunder and lightening, I'm swimming. In the rain.

Click below, if you'd like, to illustrate these images with song. It's the song I sing while swimming, but I change some of the words.

These top three shots are, again, from Tranquility, NJ: I hadn't realised til later, that Maryann took some shots of me from the mill/house, while swimming in the river above the waterfall. The others are from the pool here, on the North Fork, Long Island. We leave tomorrow, and once we're back in the UK, I'm hoping we'll go to Cornwall, to swim some more. It's been a washout for my poor husband, who usually fishes - we don't know where the fish are this summer, but they're not in the Sound.

I love the different colours of blue, depending on the light. Bliss. As Alexandra Therese said: 'I think that swimming is the ultimate freedom - I feel so privileged that I can swim, I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't.' In fact, soon as I hit publish, I'm off to swim in the soft, English rain.* There's something so endlessly magical to me about rainy days in summer: the sunshine is for everyone, but the rainy days feel special, like they're mine alone.

*(Clarification: my mom, who is next to me ON Long Island, just read that part and thought it might be a bit confusing. I am still here. Here, being Long Island. We fly back tomorrow. I meant the rain is.. English-esque. Soft. Unlike say this morning, or yesterday when we were driving to see the Help: that was a Hard Rain. Driving Rain.)

If you want to see something absolutely charming, click here.


Anonymous said...

This post has made my day Jill - the photos, the song, the story, the mention - everything! I've been swimming all week too - and next time I'm in the sea, battling with the waves, I'll sing this song! I too love to swim in the rain - it is possibly the only time when rain doesn't 'dampen' an activity, but enhance one's enjoyment of it! Also, hardly anyone else wants to swim when it rains so quite often I feel like I have the Atlantic Ocean all to myself. I have a very 'sea' themed post of my own coming up, I'll let you know when it's published - I think you'll like it xx

Natasha said...

oh my gosh... those kids are adorable :) they remind me of me, when I was a little girl. p.s. love those images... the water looks refreshing since it is really hot here in Belgrade :)

styleeast said...

It looks blissful, total escapism. Hope you had a lovely swim. Oh, and welcome back :) x


Hi Jill, I was catching up on your blog yesterday but somehow forgot to comment. Saw your private message but there's no use conversing in 140 characters!

Yes, I'm in Paris! I'm here for 8 months working with the press team for Jitrois (if you haven't heard of them, they do everything in leather). I haven't finished school; effectively this year in France is part of my course, i just couldn't bear doing any more studying.

Sadly it looks like I won't be making it to LFW purely because I can't afford to make the journey. which of course makes me really sad because it's been the highlight of my year every year and I have so many friends there now including your beautiful self. But hopefully with enough forward-planning and paid freelance jobs I'll be there for february and may be able to get some time off work too.

As ever, I'm completely charmed by your holiday pictures, I hope you're really well.


ediot said...

swimming in the rain sounds ok if it's still warm outside. but here it's already starting to feel like autumn ;(
great shots anyhow.
hope you're well

adrielleroyale said...

That song is in the top of all time in my book!! Put a big smile on my face, so thanks for that!! :)) Great pics, I loved the rain much more in my youth and do still love the smell of it, but I don't seem to enjoy being out in it as much... Anyway, that song makes me want to do just like he does in the movie. Hope you have a great day Jill :)

Maryna M said...

Oh my, such a beautiful-beautiful post! Two of my most favorite things in life is rain and swimming)
These pictures are gorgeous - so dreamy and serene, love them.


Emily (aka Shopgirl) said...

You really are a water baby!!! It has to be hot hot HOT for me to get in the water! And even then I protest!! :)

Hope you've had a wonderful time.

Not sure I'll be in London before LFW - but will email you with plans.

See you soon, xx