So: I don't expect you to remember - we all have busy lives - but way back on 9th November, I posted my dilemma about which jeans from the Raw Denim Bar to keep: I had narrowed it down to two, the pair with the zippers and the 70s style pair from Habitual ('blue jean baby', 9.11). And I was lamenting my indecisive self.

Well, reader, I kept both.

As shown here, worn on Flora, she is shaped quite differently than me, and I'm amazed that these jeans are so well cut that they flatter both our shapes. I'd love to do a self style post in them - actually, that day, I asked my husband to shoot me in this same outfit - but I can't show you them. I just look terrible in the shots. Not because of the jeans: it's just the way I look, I can't explain: they're just really crap shots.

Also - I don't know about you, but I'm kind of going thru a phase where I'm off the idea of posting photos of myself online. I don't know if it's a phase, cause I'm actually quite happy with the way I'm looking these days - and dressing. That's not the problem. I'm just kind of off the whole concept. Even the Times Style section - I can't get the piece for you, but it was last Sunday -they even quoted my lovely friend Carrie of WishWishWish - who is WAAAAAY younger than me, and it was along the lines of 'everyone's doing a self style blog these days' and that was never my intention.. I only started out behind the camera, shooting street style.. anyway, you're going to have to just trust me: for an old lady, I look really hot in these jeans.

But here's the best part: the RAW DENIM BAR, where I got these, are taking part in this week's first VOGUE Online Fashion Week, which you all know about, because you are a) quicker than me b) more fashion savvy and c) already know that it's halfway thru: running from 5-9 December.

For this week only, 30% of all The Raw Denim Bar sales will go to their charity (Give as you Live) and will have exclusive denim style edits, gift ideas, designer blog posts, and special OFW offers, including a competition to win a £300 gift certificate, just by subscribing to the newsletter.

But if you're gonna shop there, can you do me a small favour please? You know I never run ads. But I've decided to run one with them, because I love them so much. And I've got my ad!! It's the icon above. Please click on it and if you shop there, I might actually get a commission. Which would mean that I'd be bringing some income in thru my blog. Which would make my husband get off my back about how I spend so much time on my blog. So, if you think about it - in the spirit of Christmas - it's kind of your way of donating to a worthy charity. i.e., yours truly.

Flora is wearing jeans by Habitual, via the Raw Denim Bar (click on icon to buy, babes!) and blouse from my late, darling, very stylish Great Aunt Ruth. Head scarf and rose ring from Lucie, of the Vagabond Van, shot at their lovely flat in Notting Hill.

How's your December going so far, btw? Hope all is feeling, for you, merry, and bright.



Emily said...

You chose the best of the three options available: one? the other? both?!! :) Loved the others on you and can well believe these look good too. Really want to find some flares that fit me... maybe in the post-Christmas sales,


Style At Every Age said...

Glad you kept them both and so agree about the self style pics on so many blogs. On some I love it and others I loathe it, I think its when I detect that the person loves themselves just a little bit too much, it puts me off ha ha!

Amanda said...

Looving this look!

Matthew Spade said...

well you got there in the end though. i totally forgot about the jeans, the returns policy must be loose

O D Y S S E Y said...

Glad you kept both pairs! I still want to see them on you. I remember the ones with the zippers- yes, hot! (But most assuredly not old!)

As for the Raw Denim bar, your post, and your potential for commission- I'll spread the word. :)

mtg said...

ha-ha-ha, that sounds just like me (indecisive). got your email. have a great Christmas with your family in Florida!

Jessie in Fashion Limbo said...

Glad you kept both, I was as indecisive as you hehehhe. My December has been tiring...moved out of malaga, now in Cordoba at my mother's place before i move to London in January, and it's all taking it's toll. I'm mostly exhausted.
Other than that...i also have stopped posting pictures of myself on my site, hence the complete identity crisis which has me wanting to re-design the whole thing ;) xxx

adrielleroyale said...

I love those jeans!! I am certain you look fantastic in them!! You know, some days are just NOT good picture days, that's just that kicker of self portraits lol! It's like a bad hair day our something. Some days I'm like ”DANG I look good!!” and then I try and capture it... and then I don't feel like I look so good...lol I'm telling you cameras can get a real bad attitude sometimes... ;) xoxoxo

jill said...

Haha, it's true, but I also feel a photograph is about the relationship of the person pressing the shutter with the subject. And in that 'shoot', it was all about my husband saying 'Hurry up Jill' and other bad words, and I was reacting to that. Now when I ask him to be a Human Tripod, he simply looks at me and says 'I'm not falling for that trick again.' It's.. an ordeal.

I really should take out the old tripod one of these days, and figure out how to set the timer on my Canon, like I used to do with my (still film) Pentax.

Thank you eah of you - and Jessie, it's weird... a lot of people are saying the same thing. I think we're all kind of in transit at the moment, about our relationship to our blogs. Or rather: the ones whose stars are soaring - I don't hear much from them! ; )

Maya, Mat, Amanda, Fab, Emily: THANK YOU. I"m packing but will visit you all in good due time and meanwhile - merry merry! xxx

Anonymous said...

Great post, Jill - as always! Flora looks incredible - I don't think i've told you but I sort of know her! Well, i properly met her for the first time this weekend, but we have masses of mutual friends - of which you are one! Weird, huh?

Anyway - i am dying to know where those boots are from? I would also love to see you soon but you're probably going away over christmas..? Let me know

All love, Emma M xxxxx

jill said...

Oh what a small world Emma!! I'm in Fla now - can't email but will msg you on fb. I'm glad you're friends with Flora, isn't she wonderful. As are you. The boots are Topshop btw: we got them for the shoot.

Are you in London? Can get emails, just can't reply except thru fb. xoxo

Alizey and Saanieh Mirza said...

we love your blog! please check ours out www.pintsizedfashionista.com love from dubai :)