homage, in hermes

She stood out in the crowd, a sea of red, white, and blue, and endless variations of the British flag. In the whole day, she was the only soul I saw dressed like the Queen on a typical day - not a public day, but the type of day she no doubt loves the best - walking in nature, with her husband and her Corgis, in tweeds, Wellington boots, and her iconic Hermes scarves.

Even tho I tried, I never did see her face. But just as I snapped this shot, she turned slightly, and it was like going back in time: this glimpse seemed to me that of a shy, young Elizabeth.


Matthew Spade said...

i never much know the queen you are talking about, she always seems so happy in footage of her and her family doing this

Lauren@Styleseer said...

This is a wonderful shot, Jill. It really does evoke the young Elizabeth.

daisychain said...

Striking photo Jill, as ever <3


P.S. I WILL reply to your e-mail later/tomorrow. promise xx

O D Y S S E Y said...

It must've been a chilly day.
Hermes...such elegance. And what a chic way to wear a scarf; women rarely wear them like that any more.

LeahB said...

Lovely post, Jill.

Mihir Sarkar said...

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Alexandra said...

Jill I think this is my favourite photo of the entire Jubilee weekend and there have been a few about! This shot really captures a moment which is what these celebrations are all about; a flash of a smile from a usually sedate relative, a single tear as the last few bars of the national anthem play out. All in all - the personal events which reflect our emotions. The Queen does seem to be at her happiest when she is with nature - dressed down in her demure but effortlessly stylish tweeds, riding boots and Hermes. I suppose it's her only real "off duty" time. I love the fact that at 86 she still rides. My personal favourite picture of the Queen is the one of her in sunglasses, leaning over the Royal Yacht Brittania and smiling widely - presumably laughing. Her expression is joyful; she's wearing a summer top and her usually gloved hands and arms are soaking up the sun. It is the most relaxed I have ever seen her.

I did trawl in vain through the I player footage to find the clip of People Will Say We're In Love for you Jill but to no avail! I am going to check out the video of the lunch as Westminster Hall on the Official Royal YouTube channel though as I'm determined to find it so you can enjoy it! Thank you so much re my voice exam - luckily I passed with a merit though I have my grade 7 in a few weeks time which is proving challenging as I'm singing in Italian and German from memory as well as English! I love singing though - aside from writing it's my main escape and the channel for so much energy. Hope you had a lovely Jubilee weekend Jill - you deserve it.

Alexandra xx