honey i'm on the phone

Shot this while flitting about in the crowd along the Thames, near Albert Bridge, last Sunday while the
flotilla went by.
Kept losing my husband: thank God for cell phones. ('One is near the big tree, wearing a tiara.')

I loved the bit of orange and pink in this shot: one of my favourite colour combinations.
I like wearing pink nail varnish on one hand, orange on the other.
So many more shots to show you: last week gave me a renewed zest for street shooting.


Matthew Spade said...

they sure have been getting about these masks, profits a booming in the union jack industry too.

they road trip blog sounds like a nice idea and a good one for a book too, where would you go do you think? across europe would be exciting, as many countries as you can. me and hollie would like to set up a business together, that's the plan anyway. glad you're enjoying what i post

Ana Frost said...

Jill!! Please post the last sunday shots , I missed the all Jubilee Celebration in London (went to Rye,Sussex, a lovely little town), I'm excited to see your street shots ;-) xoxo

mtg said...

So cute and funny! Nice shot, Jill.

Kasia said...

LOL <3 made my day

Luchi said...

Oh really thanks for this shot!! I didn't smile that much for a very long time! :D I don't know would be Queen Elizabeth II be happy to wear such a fashion eyewear with her diadem or not. But it looks fun. I can imagine the first reaction of the person on a different side of the cellphone if it was a video call...:)