serendipity juxtaposition

Sometimes I think about a sign I used to see in NY, in Soho, when I was newly arrived in the city, working for a really cute animator who lived in a loft with his girlfriend and pet rabbit. On the wall of the post office someone - God perhaps? - had written 'everything happens everywhere, all at once.'

So much I want to post.. and it suddenly hit me: it's my blog, I can post whatever I want, I don't need a reason, or rationale. As I was going thru my archives for a meeting coming up, there was something vaguely pleasing, I felt, about this juxtaposition. Something slightly Mrs. Draper about the girl in the top shot, backstage at a Corrie Nielsen show. And the second one was at an amazing art opening: the Richard Hambleton show, curated by Carine Roitfeld's son, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, at the Dairy, sometime last year or so.

And then, lo and behold: just as I was about to post this, out of the blue, my dear friend Stephanie of Style Odyssey tweeted me a message. And I heard from Estelle, of Serendipity2307, a reply to my email, saying she was just about to email me today. I do love Serendipity. And my magic numbers are 23, and 7.

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O D Y S S E Y said...

Thank you for the mention!
Beautiful dramatic makeup and the orange toes are cool..
Jill, great eye for color juxtaposition. :)
I like the number 7.