I WAS THERE (almost)

My new obsession: getting into the Olympic Park. Once inside, I plan to buy one of those £5.00 tickets when someone leaves. But first, I have to get IN.

I was laughing - these girls, my new friends, are working outside the entrance between Westfield East and the park itself. 'I should just make a recording,' the girl with the red curls said to her friend, 'you can't buy tickets at the ticket office, ONLY ONLINE.'

They were trying to give me the tips ('Wait til everyone's asleep', basically) but I couldn't stay up late enough. So I'm going back - sans pass - because I really just love being at Westfield East. I only discovered it yesterday, and had the best lunch at Busaba, in front of the glass watching people come in and out of the Olympics - and honestly, between that and the BBC online thingy, what more do you want.

Either way, for the rest of my days, when anyone asks, I can say, hand on heart, I WAS THERE. Almost. (Please click thru: I want to win something, even if it's not an Olympic gold medal!).

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