a lovely couple

Noticed this couple yesterday, outside the entrance to the Olympic Park. I loved her cardigan. But I was inside Busaba, eating the most delicious Pad Thai. Then I spotted them again later. I have no idea who they are or where they're from, and when I moved towards them, I lost them in the crowd.

This girl was nearby, calling out fun things on her megaphone - all the music and noise and crowds - put here because.. I don't know, I just felt like it!

BTW: I've just discovered Westfield East - I'm going back there in a minute - because a), it's really an incredible place (they have every favourite store and restaurant chain - and it's beautiful), and b), it's the best way to be part of the Olympics short of actually, you know, having a ticket to the park. I've coincidentally been invited to be part of the brilliant I WAS THERE campaign - so please click here and take a look - it's a competition and I never win anything, and the more clicks I get, the more chances I have of winning. And you can enter, too, btw. One more person to compete against! ; )


Tinacious Me said...

i love it when couples complement each other's outfits!

jill said...

Thanks, Tina - and I don't even think they tried, or gave it a thought. They just seemed to have such good chemistry, so I guess it was natural for them.

Matthew Spade said...

what was she shouting?

jill said...

Oh just various assorted things... they've got staff everywhere, kind of interacting with the crowd while all this music is playing.. I think she was shouting 'CANADA!' at the time.

mtg said...

How do we vote? Just go to "click here"?