This is real.

Apparently this photo is real.* And once again: I didn't take this photo.

In the aftermath of Sandy, I am hearing story after story from friends that I love like family, amazing stories, focused always on how lucky, how grateful, and they're off helping someone less fortunate.. one friend, one of my closest friends from childhood, Linda, works in an ER. She said not everyone's been handling it so well, and has told me some of the really stupid or unkind things people are doing. And I know I have a lot of catching up on my own real photography to post, but I like the number three, so I'm rounding this trilogy up with a shot I found online of Liberty, just as the eye of the storm was moving onto New York.

Pretty unreal, huh? But all of this feels like a dream.

*It's not. It's a fake, gone viral, and I fell for it! Thank you, my dear friend Stephanie of Odyssey, for setting me straight. But then again - this isn't the first time.


Veshoevius said...

WOW! It looks apocalyptic!

Stephanie Clayton said...

I'm sorry to tell you...regarding the photo...
I've been in several hurricanes. They don't look like that. At all.
But whoever made the photo did an impressive job, didn't they!
I've been listening to some of the reports from NYC on NPR. It's terrible...but also touching to hear stories about how neighbors are helping each other.
xo S.

Stephanie Clayton said...

Awww! It happens.
Well, how would you have known it wasn't real? I think a person has to see one in real life to know. :)
Hugs and kisses, my friend!

Elfira Arisanti said...