back on the street: life of pi

Spotted Emily near Dover Street Market, in Mayfair. She was lovely to talk to - works in the fashion industry, and was warm and friendly. And - because you never know until you start taking someone's portrait - she was the most zen subject I've had. I'm looking at the photos now: I took about eight, maybe more - when I shot in film, if you look back to my posts in 2009, I was only taking one shot, two tops - to save film - but when I look at these shots of her, they're all absolutely identical. I've never seen someone so composed. So still.

Like she has absolutely no noise in her head.

So I'm reading The Life of Pi now. My husband read it years ago and said it was the best book he'd ever read. And the film's coming out, and I can't see it til I've read the book. It took me ages to get started, but now that I have, I'm savouring it slowly. Reading little bits, then putting it down, but it stays with me. I can't, for example, see leopard print, or leather, without imagining the animals in the Pondicherry zoo.


ODYSSEY said...

Inspiring ("zen...like she had no noise in her head").
Her red hair, animal print and black leather is striking, pretty, devoid of...noise.

ODYSSEY said...

P.S. I went to your Lookbible page but didn't find a fairy godmother question. Can you direct me? (Just email or FB me.) xoxo S.

daisychain said...

Her hair! Oh her hair. I need her hair. x

jill said...

Daisy: I forgot to say about her hair! Isn't it amazing? You'd wear it well, too.

She gave me her card.. I wish I could find it. Really impressive woman.

S I think I sent it - but if anyone is reading this, what she's talking about is this link: (you might have to join thru www.lookbible.com first, but it's a quick click) it's about creating a competition - but YOU choose what to win


Unknown said...

that's a really pretty skirt!
Love it!

xoxo, Jules
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