you think this has nothing to do with you: 12.12.12

Woke up this morning: the sky is bright, deep, cerulean blue. Like Anne Hathaway's jumper in The Devil Wears Prada. And I realised, it's 12.12.12. I love that stuff. It's not going to be 12.12.12. for another thousand years. And I want today to count.

And here's the irony: only six years on, and Anne's jumper - which was chosen because it was so deeply uncool - is now so bang on trend. It's like they've just discovered jumpers. And the fashion industry is all over themselves about the idea of blue: cobalt, electric. It's like the Emperor's New Clothes - but then again, that's what fashion is all about. And here's the funny thing: I'm loving it, too.

It's such an easy trend to wear, because we've all got a bit of blue in our wardrobe. Unlike many of the others - shoes, especially, because it's hard to just pull the latest trend in shoes out of the back of our wardrobes - most of us still have something bright, something blue. And especially in London: when it's grey outside, the tendency is to sink into nudes and soft shades of grey and beige, like nursing a nice cup of tea, all cosy (although that's when I most want to be bold: stark black and white) - but when the sun is out, what I reach for is my brightest blues.

And I've got the best coup of all: a genuine Perri Ellis knitted long cardigan - and midi skirt - in cobalt blue cotton. It cost me more than a months' rent, in my early 20s, and I saved it all these years just in case.. the only thing that dates it are the softest of shoulder pads: apart from that, it's a classic, classy, simple white buttoned take on an upper class knitted 1920s lady's suit.. gorgeous sillhouette. I wish I could show it to you, but my camera has died and I'm not quite up to speed with my other one just yet. Hence going back thru the virtual wardrobe of my photo files, and finally finding the shot I've been looking for for ages: this smashing girl in stars, below.

I wish someone would have left a comment on my post last night ('for Azza'). Maybe no one's read it. That's okay: I wrote it, from the heart, and that's all that matters.

And after I've done a bit of work, cold or no cold, I plan to go outside. In my Perri Ellis jumper, probably over tight black riding trousers and riding boots, maybe my Uniqlo heattech turtle neck jumper. Celebrate today. Because it's not gonna come around again for another thousand years.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jill!

Be careful what you ask for! I just left you a lengthy comment on your previous post!

Enjoy your numerically magic and special day!


ODYSSEY said...

J pointed out to me that today is 12.12.12. Otherwise, I wouldn't have noticed.
I wore electric blue in the 80s but it's not what you're probably picturing. It was a classic raw silk skirt, Liz Claiborne (back when the brand was "bridge" and really nice). I wore it with off-white. It was simple, elegant and pretty.
As for the sky, it's almost always that color here in the Texas Tropics.

jill said...

Haha, Leah, I'm about to read it now - THANK YOU.

Oyssey: I would love to see that shirt. And I remember when Liz C was really cool - I don't know that word 'bridge', must have been a Southern thing? I don't suppose you still have it - or a photo?

I had vintage Liz C (I think it was her) suede over the knee flat boots, which I bought in the 90s at a thrift shop. I loved them cause they didn't stay up, kept slouching down.. I just loved them. Turns out it wasn't real suede and over time, the suede-like substance wore off. Like my camera, I literally wore them to death.

Oh what I wouldn't give to be in the Texas Tropics right now! We really do need to do a life swap, S. Just for a while. You'd LOVE London. You could dress in all these layers, wear black.. you really are an English rose, a fish out of water.

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Hi Jill,

I hope you enjoyed 12-12-12! I know some people who celebrated at 12:12 pm to completely savor the moment.

Hah, I love that you picked out this scene from Devil Wears Prada! I often think of cerulean blue and Meryl Streep delivering her quietly icy lecture ...

But it's interesting that you found the sky that deep, cerulean blue there. One of my first observations since moving to the West Coast from the East was how different the color of the sky was, especially in the morning. The air seems so clear here that the sky retains a crisp, vibrant shade which seems to be polluted into a soft paleness in Manhattan. (And what about those fabulous NJ sunsets in the haze of chemical fumes!)

And I hadn't heard of the story on Azza. I have too many thoughts going on right now on justice, or the lack thereof, in this world to put in print. But I do I hope, first of all, that she recovers her health, her memory, and her life going forward. - J xxx