juxtaposition: waterloo station

Just because my camera died - of exhaustion, according to the lovely Greek camera guy who assured me that it had had a good innings - I don't want it to have died in vain. And I'm discovering so many, many photos that I've never shown you. So while I rest up at home, fighting off a silly winter bug, I'm going back through my images, like memories. I'm more interested in the relationship between two still images - movements in time.

These are from one of the Topshop Unique catwalk shows. Waterloo Station, London. More to come. With thanks to my lovely Canon E0S: you live on, through the images you've provided me with. Like a trusty stead of days of yore, we worked as a team, you and I, and we lived each day to the fullest.


Matthew Spade said...

is it unfixable?

jill said...

Sadly, no, Mat. Or rather.. yeah, it's basically an 'inoperable' condition. The sweet part was he said he could see, from my shutter, that I literally ran the poor thing into the ground. It died - like a War Horse - from exhaustion, and over use.

Funny, I was just thinking of you.. and you're probably not reading this, so I'll just have to go visit your lovely blog! Thanks for stopping by.

mtg said...

So glad you posted those images. I really miss your street style shots :)


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