gold, gone

I hope you're reading this before it's too late. I found the name of the show about gold, it's called The History of Art in Three Colours, presented by Dr. James Fox on BBCFour, but Gold is gone. GONE. It's too late for gold.

It's not too late for Blue, though: that ends tonight (on iPlayer, I mean: it will linger in our memories) at 9:00. So anyone reading this in the UK, if you're having a lazy snowy lie in today, definitely watch it. White, the last in the trilogy, is airing next week.

James Fox is a youngish guy, a professor, I suppose, with Dr. in front of his name, who dresses like the early Beatles: I love that style of white shirts, suit jacket, skinny black tie: he does his with a twist sometimes, like hiking in the German alps, in the snow, to find the perfect blue flower from an early novel that put blue on the romance map, with jeans and loafers below his black suit and tie.  I can't work out whether his area is science or culture or art.. it doesn't matter. He leads you on this journey, through history, in the case of blue arriving by vote to Venice carrying a huge piece of real Lapis, the way the traders did, from a cave in Afghanistan, the only place it's mined, that one cave, to trade for gold.

We - husband and I both - LOVE the series. We like to watch stuff together, and to find something we both love - like the Killing, which we're now devouring on dvd - is rare. This weekend, after I go out to meet a good friend, and he swims in the gym, we're planning to dive back under the duvet and have a Killathon.

This is Carry Sommers, who created Pachacuti, the wonderful ethical hat company, at the WEBA awards, where she was nominated. She had her golden dress made by a designer friend, whose name, alas, eludes me. I love gold at the moment - nearly as much as I love blue - and especially now. When it's cold out, I want to wear something warm, and gold feels warm. I think, though, I might wear a powder blue jumper and white jeans and thick warm boots. We've got a ball coming up on Monday, and it's 'black tie optional' so I'm wearing one of the cocktail dresses I've had made in the late 20th Century. Jackie Kennedy with a twist. I wish I could wear this dress, but I think I'm going for shimmery, silken, golden lime green.

Definitely watch the show on Blue: I'd love to hear what you think.


Veshoevius said...

I'll have to see if I can catch the series on iplayer or something - please post a picture of your silken golden lime green ball dress!! (Or is your camera still broken?)

Recycle Boutique said...

lovely woman, beautiful dress!

jill said...

Camera still broken, alas - but I have another that's not as good (it's old - we bought it on eBay - it was the first model of the Canon EOS, and it's not the same). And my phone camera, of course! I"m really starting to get into the art of camera phone apps. Whole new world!

ODYSSEY said...

Bummer about your camera, Jill, hope it's sorted soon.
The lady here, Carry, is lovely! She is stunning in gold and I really like her hair.
Have you gotten on Instagram yet? It is a fun app, a bit addictive.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Love your Blog.... xoxo