ashish: tongue in check

Gotta love Ashish.. not a whisper of the iconic Burberry check on their runway, but Ashish has adapted it so beautifully, blingingly. With sequins.

Love also how he's done her hair, like she's been in a little roadster with the top down. And those kitten heels.

So much I want to show you from this show. At first I was underwhelmed.. it wasn't like his flowery collection a while back, but the more I look at my shots, the more I see. I thought this was a gloomy show at first, but his wit and sparkle is as effervescent as ever. He's just keeping his tongue firmly in cheek.


ODYSSEY said...

Great hair for the runway. We're seeing a lot of that teased frizz in the AW shows. Have you looked at images from Rick Owens yet? The hair is...well, you'll have to see.
Definitely it's not something I'd want to see on the street, though.

jill said...

I hadn't.. at first I thought you meant this, which is scary enough:

but I think that's last year, because I found this from Elle:

She was talking about the hair being blown by a wind machine, but the thing about Ashish was, it was STILL. It was teased that way. Those poor girls, they're going to have to cut their hair off.

I can't see Rick Owens without thinking of you. You're like his muse. But he doesn't know you! Maybe the ideas come to him in the dream state: he imagines this petite girl from Texas..

She also says 'This season, almost every look was made of pieces for real life – so long as you have the charisma and height (or a pair of his very high boots) to carry them off. ' - well, you've definitely got the charisma, and probably the boots, so two out of three isn't bad!