I didn't think it was possible, but Leopard Print is still the new black.

It's been years now.

I mean, it's gone back and back - to caveman days, I suppose (can't you just see the women around the fire, one-upping each other on whose man got them a better quality skin), but it really did seem, back in around 2010, that the look had been done to death.

But even on the catwalk at Burberry last week: it's still there (second to last shot, above). *

So once again, I am wrong.

The print is here, bigger and bolder and more witty than ever. Best worn in spring, I feel, with your own bare skin.

Shown from top: my friend Natayla, in a shoot I did for My Wardrobe in - wow, I think Dec 2010, then a girl at Somerset House this week (as before), Hayley in also about 2010, me, a guest from the Burberry show this week, a girl in about 2011, the Burberry coat a/w 2013 and last but never least, Carine Roitfeld in 2011.

Better run: we're off to see Zero Dark Thirty. It's effing freezing, and I'm pulling out my old leopard print teddy bear coat.

* And - thank you Jessie of Fashion Limbo - also at the Moshino Cheap & Chic show, which my other friend Jessi went to (she was my assistant this season!) but it was on the day we landed and I missed it (see comments). I love what I'm seeing tho - esp. looks 12 & 13. That's the new twist on the print: pattern on pattern, bigger & bolder. As Jessi said, it's a love it or hate it thing. Leopard is the Marmite (or Bovril) of prints.


ODYSSEY said...

Fantastic photos!
While I no longer wear leopard print, I enjoy seeing it.

Jessie in Fashion Limbo said...

Yeah.... guess who bought yet another leopard print coat just yesterday.... yeah, guilty.

Love the pics, and loved how present the print was not only at Burberry, but with Moschino Cheap & Chic, and I think I saw it somewhere else but cant remember.

It's funny, but as popular as it is, it is also very unpopular with so many haters of the print. It isn't for everyone. I just showed a couple of friends of mine a picture of my latest acquisition, and they were just being polite, as they barely hid their disapproval hehehe

Veshoevius said...

Good! I'm glad! It's a print I'll always love wearing.

jill said...

Haha, JJ, so you're saying leopard is the bovril of prints? I can see that.

Oh WOW.. Jessi (the other Jessi) had gone to Moschino Cheap & Chic on Saturday - she was my assistant this year - but we had just landed after a 9 hr flight, the first 4.5 of which hrs was total turbulence (it started just after they'd switched off the seat belt sign - I was the first in the loo and I was knocked back onto the toilet, butt naked, rattling around in the loo - not fun).

But yeah - she loved the show, and I hadn't looked at the shots til now: http://www.londonfashionweek.co.uk/designers_profile.aspx?DesignerID=1979 I especially love looks 12 and 13, I'm going to add this to the post. Thank you!

Lorenabra, Veshoevius, thank you. good to hear from you both.

And S/Odyssey: I'm laughing 'while I no longer wear the print'.. anyone who doesn't know Odyssey's wonderful blog, go there NOW. She's made self style an art form. I love how minimalist your style is. It's like you're a strict vegan, stylistically speaking. You should be living in Antwerp, not Texas.

You no longer wear the print because you no longer wear prints, period. It's black, or white. I love that about you. You're like a vegetarian who dreams of eating bacon.