high visibility

Another thing I love about Ashish: he opened the show with this look. 'What do you call this?' I asked my husband. 'High visibility vest,' he said, after glancing at the image for a second, then went back to his book.

Among the themes of his show was the idea of the working girl. I don't have many friends who do road works (okay, none), and I don't know who might wear this, but that's not what fashion - catwalk fashion - is for. This isn't Topshop. This is high concept art, and it made me laugh. And it made me think.

And it's made of sequins.

And I love it with the little kitten heels.


Unknown said...

Haha this is fantastic, a clever twist on 'working girl'. How Ashish made a hi-vis vest look good I'll never know though! x

Made In A Cup

jill said...

I know! That's what I mean, Meg. He makes me stop and think about.. what the purpose is, really, of clothing. That's not quite what I'm trying to say.. anyway thanks for stopping by!

I'm going to check out 'made in a cup' - love the name! xo

Anna said...

Come to Sydney, you'll find plenty of British female backpackers wearing high visibility vests on our roadwork sites.

What's the saying? Art imitates life?