OMM: casa milà serendipity

Yesterday, hanging around with my husband in cold London town, I felt - out of the blue - like pulling out old photos of a brief trip to Barcelona, without my husband, like five or six years ago. 

Little did I know that at possibly the same moment, the same childhood friends, Sheila and Steven, were in NYC, visiting from home in Malibu, with my other childhood friends, Caryn and Linda.. we all go back to when we were like two, three years old (okay, I didn't meet Caryn until Kindergarten, so that was five) and I only just discovered today, that while I was posting yesterday, they were talking about me, and that trip to Barcelona! I guess this isn't coming out the way I meant it to, except to say that I do so love serendipity.

The first day, Sheila and I were on the roof pool at the OMM hotel, a hot languid afternoon, and we were about to go on an architectural walking tour. And the serendipity of THAT: our guide mentioned that they were doing the first jazz night on the roof of Case Milà, which we could see from the pool. But I didn't realist until now: we were seeing these guys on the roof. They were setting up the jazz night. Which we went to that night: which you'll see in another post.

Second in the OMM Barcelona series. 


ODYSSEY said...

I'm really enjoying these recent travel and architecture photos! They're like postcards. :)
To answer your question from your comment on my blog, I'm wearing lipstick. It's MAC but I forgot which color so I didn't include it in the post.
And yes, the pics were shot at my new abode. I haven't found "the" spot to shoot indoors yet. So expect more outdoors. And I will be shooting from Brazil soon during our upcoming holiday!

jill said...

BRAZIL!!!!?? How exciting!!

Will reply the rest on your post, but thank you re: postcards. That's exactly what I'm going for - I might even sometimes make those old fashioned borders. Having fun with it - a nice break from street style.