skin deep

There's a childhood story that stayed with me, the story of Stone Soup. If you don't know the story, here it is. I have always been fascinated by that concept: that together, we can create.. magic.

That's how I felt last Wednesday, when I had the privilege of attending a lovely charity event called Fight it with Fashion, created by the gorgeous girls (with amazing skin) at the British Skin Foundation. It's such a lovely concept: throw a party, everyone brings 3-5 items (altho a lot of us ended up bringing more: spring cleaning, de-cluttering, is SUCH a liberating feeling). Ask Nadia and Sara from the Young & Lost club to DJ. Get great people to cater it, serve drinks, and the proceeds go to finding cures for skin diseases, especially skin cancer.

Watching everyone laugh - it was like a sea of blondes, for some reason - I thought of my own dear childhood friend, Linda - also a lovely blonde - and luminous, glowing, radiant, beautiful mother, who was like an aunt to me, growing up, and who died two years ago today, of skin cancer. Evelyn: this event was for you.

Like my friend Lina, I wasn't planning to bring anything home from the event. But then.. it's hard to explain, but it was kind of a bit of a feeding frenzy, and I saw someone eyeing this navy beaded dress, and the adreneline kicked in, and when she put it back on the rack, I swooped it up. Turns out it's by a designer named Luisa Calvino, but I can't find anything on her. I think it's vintage from the 80s, but it fits like a glove. I can dress it down with a tee shirt and chelsea boots, bare legs, but I could happily wear it to the most glamorous event. I'll try to get my husband to shoot me in it: do a bit of self style, in the name of charity.

If anyone reading this wants to host a private party with their friends - a clothes swap - for the BSF, just get in touch with them at the British Skin Foundation. Ask for Hermione Lawson or Kelly Taylor, tell them Jill sent you.

What: The British Skin Foundation Fight it with Fashion Event
When: Wednesday, 5 June, 2013
Where: BSF HQ, 4 Fizroy Square
We had: Margaritas and yummy Enchiladas from Chipolte, and the best cakes from Honey & Co.

Huge thank you to Hermione and Kelly, and the other lovely women at the BSF, and the guests who made it such fun, and everyone who donated, and my friend Lina (with the hot pink lips and black hat) for donating such great designer stuff, including the Marc Jacob kitten shoes, and then choosing to not take anything home. That's the spirit.


Hummingbird Girl said...

Beautiful things, love that dress

jill said...

Thank you, Hummingbird Girl!

Mona said...

WOW! love the dresses. Great postings Jill.

Mona said...

have a fun weekend!

Alyssa said...

that navy beaded dress is gorgeous! Good job on getting it :)) also that "Stone soup" story is awesome! Never heard it before


jill said...

Oh, thank you Alyssa! I love that dress.

I didn't know if anyone knew it - that's why I attached the link.

And Mona - you'd be perfect for something like that where you live - maybe do it for a local charity? Or I'm sure the British Skin Foundation would love someone being involved from America!

Cheers to you too. ; ) x

Unknown said...

This looks as if it was such a fun event. That beaded dress is gorgeous !

char said...

this looks like such a great idea for an event, I'd love to organise one!