room with a view

It's the strangest feeling.. we're back home in London (a lovely city, don't get me wrong) but I feel like our ghosts are still haunting room 205, at the Hotel Vittorio (on Maronti Beach, Ischia, as previous post).

Our deck - as with all the other guests - was large, big enough for deck chairs and a table, lots of space to sunbathe, but we were always in water: the sea, the warm natural pool, the hot hot pool - all natural mineral spa water, no chlorine (I will never again consider any other 'spa' the real thing, because it's not).

Our view, from left to right. That's one of the guests, the lovely Miriam from Milan, waving. She always wore orange and hot pink - one of my favourite combinations - and became a kind of muse.

Second in my Vittorio series.


Mona said...

Love the room with views Jill

jill said...

Thanks Mona! You and Tony would LOVE this place!

ODYSSEY said...

I'd like to know more about this hot, natural mineral spa pool. Sounds divine.
I know what you mean about haunting a place. Part of me is still in Brazil, at my father-in-law's lovely wood and brick home..the winter rain softly falling, a fire lit in the wood stove downstairs. Good memories.
Hope to see more of your vacation photos. You'll post more, won't you? xo