lucy's mysterious liberty soles

Okay, first, I don't know what's going on with this Eastern Style invasion thing. But the plot thickens: Dotted Lucy & Wallace, visiting from Japan, outside Black & Blue, our great local steak & burgers joint on Gloucester Road. Asked Lucy where she got her pretty pink pumps and she said (or so I thought), Liberty, and showed me the logo inside. I saw it with my own eyes! Then I looked up the brand on Liberty's website.. but they don't even have any shoes! I thought, could she have perhaps said Selfridges? Can't find it there. It's not the fabulous French Sole brand - the logo was different.
Looks like I'm going to have to get off my lazy ass and hoof it over to Liberty & see for myself. 


Anonymous said...

Like her bag, too!

Anonymous said...

Hello there! The brand is Solea - a Kurt Geiger venture. Solea have adorable shoes! (I'm not a KG rep. I just like Solea shoes!)

The Photodiarist said...

Fantastic look. Those shoes are off the hook!