elizabeth lau wraps it up in her pop up shop

Last Friday, Kit brought us to meet her friend Elizabeth Lau, shown here wrapping a present in her pop up shop off Carnaby Street. Ever since I've met Kit, every time she said Elizabeth Lau she'd break into that great Cheshire Cat grin that she does, and the moment I met Elizabeth, I understood why. Everything about her, her clothes, her sensibility, her website, is just so cute and SO my taste.

She was there with her husband - who was changing into black tie for his work do that night and quipped 'I look like a waiter' -and we nibbled cookies while marvelling over all her amazing stuff. Can you see the little pin she's got? It's got a royal crown and it's one of those things with the little chain.. I'm so lucky this year that we're having a really small Christmas at the in-laws and - I have the best mum-in-law, last night she said 'listen do you want to just not do gifts this year? - but even so, I'm going to pop back into the shop to pick out a little something from Mr. Dot - to me!

Perhaps that fabulous cube ring Elizabeth is wearing - it's by her good friend Gemma Lister, it's only £50.00 and she's selling it in her boutique!

Elizabeth Lau's pop up shop is at 2 Ganton Street (off Carnaby Street), London W1F 7QL, and is open til Christmas Eve.


Miki said...

You can make a flip book with the first pictures :). I'd love to visit her store. And I really like wrapping, too.

Haha, hope you find something nice for Mr. Dot to give you!

jill said...

That's wild you said that, Miki: I was doing that on my camera, showing Elizabeth and her husband - just flipping it back and forth. I wish I knew how to do it as a little film.

Roxie said...

Do you know where she got her cube ring from? It's amazing!!

Adorngirl said...

the timing of this is so off becuas I saw that the store was opening, and I wanted to go down and take pictures because every post I have seen so far from this shop looks so amazing. I am so broke not even because of christmas as i don't really celebrate it but i just brought a whole bunch of stuff for the kids room that were absolute neccessites that I couldn't put off any longer

would it be cheeky to go in there to get pictures without buying anything? because that's not very supportive. were there keyrings or other little trinkets that are maybe &10 or less.

eugenialejos said...

love the story! really! is very very niceee!:)

Kit said...

@Jill - A cheshire cat grin hey? Hahaha yes I do have a big mouth but can't help it Lol.

@Adorngirl - There isn't a need to buy anything in return of pictures, just pop in and say hi, Elizabeth is lovvvvvvely, don't be scared.

jill said...

Roxie: I updated it in the blog (tweet messaged E, she quickly replied: it's by her good friend Gemma Lister, it's only £50.00 and she's selling it in her boutique!

Adorngirl: That's exactly what I'd have said - Kit beat me to it but when I went I didn't buy anything either. Just ate the cookies and ooh'd and ah'd. You've got to meet her, Ashanti, you'll love her. And she'd be so grateful if you took pictures and posted but especially: it's just such a happy creative little place and it won't be there forever, and that's the whole point: just treat it as a visit to an art gallery ; )

And speaking of smiley faces, Kit, I mean it in a good way. You have the best mouth: I wish I had your lips, mine are one of my least favourite features - that's why I can't wear red lipstick, I feel it accents how 'pinched' they are - and they're shrinking! x

Adorngirl said...

Tuesday afternoon would be good, drop me a text later as to the time. xx

mtg said...

oh, why don't we have such fabulous boutiques in Hendersonville?! well, it's better that way for my husband ;)
LOVE LOVE LOVE that ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Spade said...

you know what, i'm pretty sure my girlfriend has a coat by her, it's got red heart shaped buttons and in beige mac material. she won it in a competition that i entered for her. lucky eh

Shirley said...

omg she looks identical to suzie bubble (probably mostly the hair)
the only reason i knew it wasn't was cause her outfit wasn't outrageous.. haha

Clazzerati said...

I love that ring - I wonder if the Bot has already got me my pressies, this is defintely one to suggest if not! xx

Graziela Goncalves said...

Hello! My name is Graziela and I'm from Brazil. I must say that I'm enjoyng reading your blog so much! I'm in love! I really like the London vibe that you bring into it, I love London and I've been there 3 times already and it seems there's never enough time to do everything!
Congrats on your blog, it's really inspiring! And best wishes for a happy New Year!!
Graziela Goncalves.

Heather Fonseca said...

Adorable! I love her all black look and pegged skirt with her little mary-janes! So cute.