the god of ordinary things

For the past hour or so, I have been quietly sitting with my laptop, lost in the world of photo images. My husband saw me quietly working away and said 'Enjoy it while you can.' You might recall I was leaving for the dentist on Monday. Well when I got there turns out altho said husband was sure my appointment was for 3:25, it was really 2;25, and I had to reschedule. Yes, I'm walking back in the snow today, for 5:15.

While I'm sure no one has died from two shots of novacaine - have they? - in case this is my last post, I want it to be about Toby Jones, whose work is shown here. He lives and works in Sydney, Australia, which immediately has captured my imagination, as my musician brother has been there many times and believes I would love to live there, because of the swimming and everything.

I love the way he has taken the most ordinary household objects - a band aid, the little plastic fish that the soya sauce comes in with take away sushi - and cast them into the most unique pieces of jewellry. (And while we're at it, how DO you spell jewelry? Neither word is right).

Photographed these at the Robinson Pfeffer press day. I loved the way they presented everything on a light box: these images remind me of Man Ray photograms. Oh! And my friend Stephanie, of Style Odyssey, had just tweeted a day or so before that she believed she was a knight in a past life 'because of my obsession with chain mail'. That struck a chord with me. I remember my grandmother, Anna, from Russia - who I never met, she died right after I was born - she had the most beautiful chain mail purse, which I hope I have tucked away safely somewhere here in London. I'm fascinated with chain mail and I love this bracelet and fingerless glove.

You can buy some of Toby Jones' pieces at OKI-NI, altho much of it is sold out. Hopefully, he's in Sydney as we speak, making more. Or if you get really stuck, check with the lovely folk @ Robinson Pfeffer.

I could spend hours lost in his website: and ironically, I was going to frame all these photos in black, as I've done here - before I realised that was the design of his site.

Now off to get some more metal in my mouth. It costs extra for white fillings, so I shall be wearing my jewels in my teeth this holiday season.


Shopgirl said...

Jewellery. I think!

Good luck at the dentist - I always hate a trip :(

what lovely jewellery! Love some of those necklaces in particular.

daisychain said...

I hope the dentist went okay lovely! x

Veshoevius said...

Fantastic photos and I love his designs - the film bracelet is very clever!

Style Odyssey said...

jewelry or jewellery- either is correct. jewelry is the US spelling.

thanks for tweeting to let me know, and i appreciate the mention here, J! so much to appreciate in this post...i didn't know you also like chain mail. cool. :)

chain mail feels oddly soothing to me; the movement and surprising softness contrast with the coldness of the metal and the purpose for which it was originally intended. i'd love to get my hands on some of Jones' creations- LOVE the gloves!

yes, you'd love sydney. i've been and it is almost magical...the people are pretty cool, you'd like the culture and lifestyle. bondi beach is fabulous- but casual and surf-oriented (if it's same as i remember it).

good luck w/ at the dentist's! i'm thinking of you.


Pearl Westwood said...

'In case this is my last post' oh Jill you're such a darling!! You will be fine!!
I love this chain mail, I always wanted to be Joan of Arc xx

Angie said...

Amazing pieces...Great job..;0




Don't bother to pass by..

Lucy said...

I gasped at these pieces too! They were so clever and humerous whilst still be serious in their strength. I LOVED the fish - the fact you could actually un screw it - genious.
Have you seen stolen girlfriends club jewellery? Its similar but a little more street but I love both designers. So witty!