possibly my last streetstyle shot of 2010

Call me weird - you won't be the first - but while I took hardly any classic 'street style' shots in December 2010 - my first time since I started this blog nearly two years ago - I chose this girl. I was in the middle of shooting the snowman at the Hereford Arms - I was standing across the street from the pub - and I saw her, to my left, on Hereford Square.

I've forgotten her name and I told her the blog name but we were both really cold and frankly, she was a really good sport considering - as she indicated with her Nikes - she clearly wasn't rocking her best look. She looked like she had just thrown any old thing on to run out to do errands, as I had. And I didn't even realise til I looked at the photo that those Nikes are the exact colour and
style of the one pair of running shoes I ever bought - in like the Eighties.

But I was thinking about a post I just saw on a sweet new blog, Alle Mode ('McDonald's) about how a colour combination can be ruined forever by a large brand, and while orange and turquoise will forever remind me of the Miami Dolphins, I happen to love Miami - AND Dolphins - so it's, to me, a good thing. And I've just realised: even two years ago, I framed the shot my friend took of me at the OMM hotel in Barcelona (ElleGate, sidebar) with turquoise, so I was already leaning towards that orange/aqua combo.

Okay, enough chit chat: I'm burning dinner. But unless I find someone to street shoot tomorrow, this is my last street style shot for 2010.

. . . .

p.s. UPDATE: Her name is Nicola and guess what: she's got in touch and we're going to meet up again and she's going to do a re-shoot, because I'm sure she can do better style wise. She said she actually had a CAPE under that coat - hence the bulk - and she's promised to wear it when we meet during her lunch break. Such fun: I love when this happens.



i love this look. in a weird way, it all fits together nicely. it's not even weird actually. it just works well. x

maphi bayolo said...

i love that scarf , it looks warm and cosy xoxo

*sunday* said...

i love the top part. A very pretty girl!


maja b. said...

thank you for the nice comment on my blog!
oh, and i really love the outfit (; xoxo


Blythe and Charlotte said...

I love the scarf and the shoes together. They make the coat so much more interesting. The make-up adds a great touch as well.

Thanks for the link! :)


Style Odyssey said...

apart from the nikes (and in spite of the cold), i think she has a superbly stylish look. camel + orange looks great together.
happy new year, jill!! xo

SabinePsynopsis said...

I love this shot BECAUSE it's such a wonderful street style pic - down to her shoes, because this is how we normally walk the streets, not perfectly dressed up. Let's see if 2010 has one more in store... xoxo

Clazzerati said...

Hey Jill, I commented on your comment on my blog but thought i'd write it here as well just in case. It's been great "meeting" you this year. For me you're like the fairy godmother of bloggers - full of wisdom, advice and clearly respected by many, many bloggers.

Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy your dinner party. xx

ediot said...

sweet shot. i adore her oversized scarf. it's so nice.
hope you're having a wonderful week.thanks for having such a great blog. gotten much inspiration from you.
happy new year

the style crusader said...

I think turquoise will always remind me of you Jill. Your love for the water, the beads that always dangle around your wrist, and your absolute need to swim. Turquoise encapsulates you. I'm glad you found this girl and I love that you had a similar pair of trainers back in the 80s. They look very retro cool.

Also, I think it's pretty interesting how gorgeous her hair and makeup (that perfect cat eye flick!) are despite the rushed looking shoes. Maybe she's got some killer heels stashed up her sleeve... literally, it looks like she might have enough room for them up there.

Love her look. Also love how you've mixed up the content of your blog with some street style and some snippets into your life. Bring on 2011 baby. Hope there are lots more posts to come.

Miss you! xx

styleeast said...

I couldn't agree more with Sabine, the undone-ness of this look is what makes is gorgeous. I'm intrigued, as Jen is, about why she has perfect make-up but running shoes on...it's a photo that makes you want to know more. And THAT, dear Jill, is why we'll all be herewaiting to see what you come up with in 2011...

cecylia.com said...

She looks so chic...until you look down to her feet

Fashion Limbo said...

hey you can't blame her for going for some useful and grip grabbing shoes with all the ice and horrid slush that must be covering the streets of London. She is bringing some colour into a toned-down look and that is striking enough and picture worthy.
have a fantastic 2011, Jill!

adrielleroyale said...

She is a lovely girl :) And like Sabine said, this would be anyone running outside just for a quick errand! And isn't that ALWAYS when you run into someone you know and then later think to yourself "I sure wish I hadn't been wearing that...lol" I love your blog - streetstyle or not - I have come to love your personality which shines through each and every post. Cheers! :))