whiskers on kittens

I was saving posting about Chinti and Parker til after Christmas - because I know a lot of you are either away or trying to get away - and I will. But I just had to show you what Rachel Wood, half of the duo that are the lovely Chinti and Parker, sent me as a thank you for coming to their press day a few weeks ago. Rachel and Anna Singh are cousins and partners - the company name is their grandmothers' first names - and Kit met Anna on the same day that I met Rachel. She is so sweet, we just became friends instantly. But more about that in a future post.

Kit really said it better than I could in her post, Conscious Cloth. This brand is just so amazing on so many levels but the thing that I can't get over is, Rachel remembered which was my favourite tee - and chose that to send me! (Kit got a different one, presumably her favourite). It's a simple round neck long sleeved navy & cream tee and I am wearing it everywhere, day and night, inside and out.

Sometimes I find the best things by accident. I couldn't find anywhere the original version from the Sound of Music, but I found this BRILLIANT version, with a plug on the end for the guy's sister who sells 'Pamplamoose soap' - and how random is this, in a post about Chinti and Parker's amazing Conscious Cloth Clothes - the soap is homemade with pink grapefruit and essential oils. They've got a facebook page: Pomplamoose. I just liked it. Cause I do. Anyway - stop what you're doing immediately and play this:

Talk about Christmas coming early! We've decided not to exchange Christmas presents this year - it's just going to be a small simple Christmas in the Herefordshire countryside - and I feel this is all I could want in the present department.

Check out Chinti and Parker's beautiful blog: it's all a few of my favourite things. Some of those favourite things are also available on Net a Porter.

Hope everyone is where they want to be today - and getting where they want to get to, with ease. Merry Pre Christmas Holiday Seasonal Greetings, all! xx


Ellie said...

That video is absolutely adorable, I love her voice. And I'm getting more into 'conscious cloth' as is now so popular. It seems like such a simple luxury but would make such a difference to the world if everyone bought it. x

Style Odyssey said...

sweet kitty cat- i forgot his/her name...pardon me if you've said it but i am sleep deprived (stayed up for the eclipse)...
i'm not familiar with conscious cloth- the fabric looks soft and luxurious. i'll pop over to kit's post.
we're not doing gifts either, and haven't for years, at least not officially. having our family visiting is the best gift. truly!

daisychain said...

Oh what a gorgeous tee!

and kittttyyy xx

SabinePsynopsis said...

Uhaa, it starts with the wrapping (which looks LOVELY) and the content looks even more wonderful. Definitely have to check Chinti & Parker out.
Take good care of yourself, Jill. I hope you'll enjoy the internet free days. xoxo

Shopgirl said...

What a gorgeous parcel!! Have a lovely Christmas in Herefordshire. I'm spending the holidays in the neighbouring county of Worcestershire - where we are currently snowed in!! :) Happy Christmas, xx

Platform P said...

Oooh, I loved my tee! Grey, marl, loungey and perfect;-)

C&T are such a cool brand.


adrielleroyale said...

What a totally different, could grow on me, version of that song! The dude's plug is super cute too :) Anyway, hope you get all of your favorite things and that you have a very Merry Christmas!! :)

mtg said...

oh wow! love their version. can't quit listening to it.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

love the timbre in the girl's voice. what a happy accident...I love it when things like that happen. shows you're in tune with the universe.

happy holidays, dear Jill PolkaDot! xo. Bella Q http://thecitizenrosebud.com

Deborah said...

I absolutely love everything about Chinti & Parker, the products, the ethos, the style, everything! What's been lovely is that reading Kit's blog and now yours is just how nice the ladies seem to be as well, which just makes you want them to do even better!

Have a lovely Christmas!

Shini said...

I JUST watched sound of music again - granted, I was singing the doeraemi song for FOREVER I was starting to annoy myself, the next track was Raindrops on roses whiskers on kittens... goes perfect with Chinti & Parker ethos!

Are you well? I wish you wonderful holidays xxxx

mtg said...

Merry Christmas, Jill and Mr. Dot!

The Fashion Cloud said...

That was very sweet of her :) I love it when people do the smallest gestures but have clearly been thought about. It gets me every time

Hope you had an amazing christmas sweetie, lots of love


KT said...

Loved this version of Favorite Things! So creative and unique - those are the best stumble-upon YouTube videos. - Katy