x factor: the cowell effect

As I type this from the guest room, where I have taken the laptop (and the cat) I can hear my husband laughing his head off. 'F****ng hell', he says out loud, laughing, every once in a while, then it goes quiet as he resumes reading the Times. Then another outburst of laughter.

A few minutes earlier, he glanced over at me and saw me staring at the wall. 'What are you thinking about?' he asked. He so rarely asks that question, so I answered honestly. 'That jumper, the one I gave you for your birthday'. 'The one you fed to the moths?' (I didn't: he didn't want it anymore. It's a Brora jumper which, in an act of extravagance, I gave him one year, along with a vintage Cartier tank watch. I thought it was our favourite 'Greek' blue. I don't normally buy him clothes because he says I have no fashion sense whatsoever. This was way back in the late 20th Century. After wearing it for a few years he admitted he 'hated' the colour - I can kind of see his point, it's really quite middle aged, poor old thing - the jumper I mean - and I was storing it under the bed with the rest of the victims of the Moth Massacre.)

'I was thinking of cutting off the arms, you know..' (demonstrating, in bed, with my hands) 'cutting little holes for the thumbs and making the sleeves into fingerless gloves and then opening the neck and making it a cowl.' That's when the laughter started.

'F*****ing hell, Jill, you'll look like a F******ng mental patient!'

This is Jennifer, the Style Crusader, top shot, and above - from a shot in a previous post ('snoodie'), which, I might ad, it has come to my attention has just re-surfaced by Carmen B, a blogger for Spanish Elle. I've spent much of the morning trying to write to Carmen B, but can only do so via comments on the post, which are a kind of retrospective 'Best of Polka Dot' - but no credit, or link, even tho - God knows why I still do this - I had my watermark on almost all of my shots.

Does anyone else have this problem? It just seems so unfair - after all, I know she knew where she got the photos, and I'd have given her permission to use them. All she had to do was ask. And credit me! I mean, it's flattering - except, it's not. Because no one knows it's from my blog.

Anyway, I was just about to cut the jumper - which is really difficult for me to do, this is why I don't do DIY, I am SUCH A WOOS. Then I realised: I've got about 7 or 8 pullovers in navy or black- I'm not just jumping on the current navy/black trend, this is how I am, I'm a Virgo and we're drawn, apparently, to navy and black (and camel, and nude and white: this is SUCH a Virgo season) and I tried pulling the top jumper over my head and styled it as a cowl - (or snood, to some of you) and was able to kind of tie the sleeves in a little discreet knot.

The beauty of this version is, no jumper has to go under the knife. Speaking of which, AS WE SPEAK, hopefully Jen's husband, the brave Mr. Crusader, will be. In surgery. For a mishap in the kitchen (see today's post). So big shout out and GET WELL SOON to him!

BTW: I showed my new look to my own husband, asked what he thought. He didn't say a word.


Rachel said...

Oh I totally agree that you should have been given credit for your photos. It's quite disresprectful because they're essentially trying to pass of your work as their own. I hope you get an apology!

I love the idea of making your own snood but I think it could get very messy! After seeing how good Jennifer looks with her snood I am very tempted to buy one for myself. xx

Ellie said...

oh those damn moths! but such a creative idea to change them into something new.

I too am a Virgo! I love all those muted, simple colours.

And I think there is no excuse for using anothers photos and not giving credit, it's such a shame.

Shini said...

Sorry, I just had the exact same situation just now. My bf is sitting across the room at a table reading the Economist and bursting into laughter (hey, might've been the same article, ask him if he was reading about deducing inheritance tax & throwing 'mommy off train')

Ah anyway, leave it to the girls to judge whether the jumper works or not - we might be a lot more polite about it but you'll get the truth in the end, in some form or another xxxx

Kit said...

Wow is that how a moth destroy a jumper? Fascinating, I don't have any probs with mine but where does the moth come from?

I love Brora they're so luxurious yet I can't afford it but I like stroking it. I'm going to their flagship store launch party if you fancy coming with moi.

styleeast said...

I love your stories about Mr Dot and his 'appreciation' for your style!! And it's always a pleasure to see Jen looking so radiant. So when will be seeing the Polka Dot DIY snood?!

And someone used your photos but didn't credit you? Really? Even as a novice, I know that's not on! xx

jill said...

Thanks Jennifer - and what's weirder is she didn't even ASK! I've had the sweetest people ask me all kinds of things over the past 20 months - and I always say yes. I've translated parts of it and she's made it like a definitive guide to London fashion - I mean, she took the time to put the whole post together how could she not find the time TO ASK MY PERMISSION? Or failing that, to credit and link me? It's so not on.

Kit: I can't believe you've never suffered from Moth Madness. Actually we didn't until we moved into this flat - it must have been in the ugly beige carpeting - I've tried every poison known to man, natural lavender... nearly killed the cat.. Shini I'm telling you, our men are going to have to meet each other and compare notes.

Eleanor, my fellow Virgo, I thank you. Rachel too. I'll keep you guys posted on my war with Spain ; )


Matthew Spade said...

guilty, virgo too. every outfit i put together is pretty much dominated with navy and brown or beige. works for me though.

bit weird about that blogger, how did you actually find the post?

i quite like the holey jumpers actually, don't get rid i'll have them!

Shini said...

btw, my Unqlo Merino Wool Sweater, Zara wool dress, Highlands Scottish pure wool cape.... all feasted on by moths in the last house. THOSE FKRS. If I caught them they would've suffered a long death.

Not that they are butterfly-like stuff.

Unknown said...

stealing pics that is ever so naughty! now she has bee named or shamed - maybe you will get an apology xxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kirsty - we shall see! I first have to try contacting the UK office.. I don't speak really any Spanish.. who has time for all this?

Shini - I had no idea, we've never talked about the Moth situation! I hate those fkrs too, they're like the anti-butterfly. They are pure evil. They're the only living things that I have no hesitation to kill. I don't even think they're living creatures, they can exist without water, it seems, or even air.

Mat - another Virgo! Wouldn't it be wild if it turns out only Virgos relate to my blog and it's only visited by Virgos. 12th of the population is still a hell of a lot of people!

Just realised I'm not signed in - it's Jill btw. DUH. xx

Michele said...

You know what though - (and I am ALWAYS trying to make this clear to my guy) - I really don't think that us women dress for men!!! I realize that a lot of them THINK we do, but I honestly believe we care a lot more about what our fellow females think of our sartorial offerings. (I also think you can tell the gals that are dressing to please men - and they so often get it spectacularly wrong!)

I have moths, and my hatred runs at LEAST as deep as yours! But what can you DO? I am lost for a solution - unless you give in to having your clothes smell like an old-lady's glory-box (which isn't what it sounds like, of course) - and NO one wants to smell like that! No, mothballs are not an option, so what is one to do???? Lavender you say? Does that help?

And plagiarism is NEVER ok - Spanish Elle should really know better!

Love the post, as usual! Hope you're keeping warm!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,
I don't know if you saw my tweet but I sent an email to one of the editors at Spanish Elle and also left a comment on their blog. I think it really stinks that she basically stole your pictures....it takes very little thought to actually ask someone for permission and give them a mention in a post..I hope you get some kind of reasonable apology or resolution...oh and the holey jumper + a bit of snipping/sewing = snood thing is a great idea :)
Cheers, Jules :)