blue jeans, baby

Music to accompany this post, for your listening pleasure:

Got the volume up? Good. Okay, here's my problem, perhaps you could help.

Last summer, Jodie, of the blog 'it's rude to stare', who I've become friends with, contacted me while on holiday, to ask if I wanted to try out the RAW DENIM BAR concierge experience. She was working there for the summer. Once she went back to Uni, I started talking with Natascha about trying it out. It's a brilliant concept: you take a few minute to fill out a really fun questionaire, and based on that, they send you five pair of jeans, in what their stylists feel is best for you. You can tell them what you like, but also decide how much you want to let them choose for you, too.

Now, I'm someone who a)is pretty indecisive, b)is also, by contradiction, pretty stuck in my ways, stylistically, and c)never really got it about expensive jeans.

I mean, the last pair of jeans I bought was from Uniqlo, for £9.90! And before that, I was pretty much living in Gap skinnies. But the Raw Denim Bar focus on more of the cool, mostly American brands - the ones the celebrities wear. They're not cheap. But MAN OH MAN OH MAN: when the six pair (they threw in an extra one, with a note, that they couldn't choose just five) arrived, in these beautifully packaged white boxes with denim-like tissue paper, and I've been trying them on, and trying to make plans to meet my various stylish modelly friends, and sometimes it would rain, or we'd have to change the dates, or dental emergencies, and then some of my model friends are actually bigger sizes than me (who knew??) and now, it's time to decide. And I can't!

I've pretty much narrowed it down to the HABITUAL ASCOT TROUSER in EVANTIDE, as shown on Flora, in the top shot. They are the most fabulous, Seventies Charlie Angels type jeans (more in the next post - I can't fit it all in one). I mean, look at the detail work:

BUT.. I also felt that, for my one pair, I should try this season's bright colour trend - and I don't do red (I told them that, they listened). But I do, do blue, and they sent me these:

But then again, I could live forever in the DENIM OF VIRTUE eloquence skinnies, which fit like a glove - I mean, they feel like lounging around in a five star hotel in cashmere tights - with little zippers on the bottom, to get in and out of easier.

And - oh GOD, I think these really are the softest, the most luxurious: the RICH AND SKINNY LEGACY IN SALT AND SEA. They sent me the medium blue, and that is me to a tee: simple. Soft. Comfortable. This was my first, obvious choice.

But then.. something really weird happened. And this is why I think this concept is so unusual, so perfect. You might shop online, yeah, but usually - because you don't want to get it wrong - you go for what you know, what is safe, familiar.

I mean, I'd never have gone for the WORK CUSTOM MAMBA, in WORKBLUE. I'd normally not think that's my style: it's too.. rock and roll. But here's what's happening: that's the ones I'm most drawn to! I even wore it to the shoot at Lucie's, on Sunday.

As a result of this process, I have a feeling that's the one my heart is drawn to the most: and it's the least likely one I'd have chosen.

Which kind of knocks the equally wonderful, kind of black and blue, RESIN CATALYST IN COBALT PHOENIX, clear out of the ballpark.

Call me old fashioned, but they just don't make lyrics like this anymore: 'Jesus freaks, out in the street, handing tickets out for God. Turning back, she just laughs. The boulevard is not that bad... looking on, she sings the songs. The words she knows, the tunes she hums.'

It's not just Elton John's musical genius: I love the creative collaboration with Bernie Taupin, who has been writing his lyrics for over 30 years. In separate parts of the world, they work together, and create something quite magical. I've been playing this song, in my head and on YOuTube, in all my weeks of blue jeans indecision.

So I appeal to you know: HELP ME, please. I can't decide. Which pair of jeans should I keep? Because while Natascha has been really patient so far, it's like WEEKS now, and it was originally going to be days, and enough is enough.

Thank you to the lovely, wonderful Natascha and the rest of the team at RAW DENIM BAR for the most wonderful concierge experience. I don't want it to end. I don't want to give them back. But it's time. Please help me, if anyone is out there, listening.

I can't decide. But I can only choose one, and it's time to let go.


Jessie in Fashion Limbo said...

Funny enough, on Elton John, was watching the last episode of season 3 in Californication today, and the last scenes have Rocket Man playing, needless to say, amazing :)

Ok, so I would go for the first ones, the one your friend is wearing, because i love the shape. Then again, the ones you are wearing - how gorgeous do you look lady? - with the zippers are pretty amazing too... but you did say that you have tons of skinnies didnt you? so maybe go for something different now? I'm a sucker for jeans by the way, I think I would have diiiiiied had would been me in this situation hehehe. xxx

Emily said...

I love the skinny ones with the zip pockets!! (And the wedges you're wearing with them - amazing!!) But then I also like the flares. Oh and the bright blue ones are soooo cool too!! No, I can't help you, I'm afraid!!! :)

jill said...

Thank you sweet Emily & Jessie: you tried! Italy and Greece are going bankrupt, Iran is (allegedly) building nuclear weapons, Frankie is axed from the X factor, and THIS is what's filling my silly little head.

Style At Every Age said...

I think the ones you are wearing in the pictures are the ones you should go for, after all, if you wanted to wear them out, there must be a reason. I think the whole concierge thing sounds fantastic, tell me, do you have to pay for all the pairs up front? Oh and this is one of my favourite Elton John songs so thank you for the link, I haven't heard it for a while. x

Matthew Spade said...

pretty cool idea that, esp if you haven't got enough time to do the rounds at the shops. i know from experience jean shopping is a massive effort. i have to say i really like the look and idea of the flares. if it was me i would probably go for the most classic looking ones, if you're paying top whack for them you're not going to be happy if you get bored of them 1 or 2 years down the line. currently i have a pair of raw indigo levis 511 slim fits, do me just grand.

O D Y S S E Y said...

Jill! My goodness, you are made for those "Work" skinnies! They look sooo good on you. You'd better pick those...I mean, seriously you look incredible in that pair.
For some reason, I don't see you in wide legged jeans. Your style has a more streamlined look and skinnies are better for that.

San said...

Follow your heart, Jill. Take the ones with the zippers. Don't let your dragon decide what's best for you based on what you liked before.

I guess the reoson for this concierge service is exactly that, to get you out of your rut. The zipper jeans looks great on you and if it fits right. Take them. Don't obsess over it. Don't think any longer. The longer you think the more insecure you'll become and you can be sure to actually dislike your enddecision afterwards.

Veshoevius said...

The ones with the zips - they look fab on you!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

You look rockin' great in your photos!!! If I was built like you, I'd go exactly with what you're wearing. (I, on the other hand, of the Pear shape with matching thighs, would look horrendous in anything but the '70s look you posted first.) Love your entire get-up. Those shoes are fantastic! xxx

jill said...

You are all so lovely, thank you. And I've asked them the questions re: the concierge service, will update in my next post. Thanks & running out the door - in Raw bllue jeans! xx

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

That's a great service! Finding the right pair of jeans is a difficult mission, but the one you are wearing and the first pair look lovely! It's difficult to judge the others because, even if you described them really well, I always prefer to see them 'on the model'...

Lauren@Styleseer said...

Perfect song to accompany your first shot above! You should definitely go for the zipper jeans. They look great on you.

SymbioticLife said...

Oh that's so tough. The work custom mamba would probably be my choice. As you said, it's always the thing you expect the least, that turns out to be the best. If you just can't bare to take the plunge then stick with the rich and skinny. Nothing like a great pair of skinny jeans that are that comfy.

mtg said...

You look adorable Jill!

You're asking a wrong person. I am so indecisive myself! I was gonna vote for the first pair, but then read Stephanie's comment and agreed with her. It's not you. Zippered skinnies are more you I think...
By the way your black kitty and my black lab are probably cousins. My black lab Louie is not a pure breed. His dad must have been a golden retriever we think, because Louie has the softest black fur with reddish undertones, kind of like your cat :)

mtg said...

I don't own any expensive jeans - or any other very expensive clothing for that matter ;)
but one of those days, when I get rich, I will visit Imogene+Willie to order a custom pair. It's a local company... http://www.imogeneandwillie.com/

ediot said...

hi darling! what a nice post you're sharing here. love the outfit shots of you. you look amazing. truly!
and the denim you picked out - the greatest pair i've seen in a long time. i want me a pair of jeans like that.
and that smile of yours. just lovely.
so happy to come here to see not only your beautiful photos, but this time. even you yourself in person. wonderful.

Unknown said...

You look so happy in the pair that you're wearing in the outfit shots that I think surely they have to be the ones? I always have such trouble getting jeans I like because I'm shortish and curvy and it's tricky to find ones that fit properly. Most of the time I end up buying jeans that fit me on the waist and bum but have to take up the legs! Good job I'm decent with a sewing machine! :)
Jules x

Anonymous said...

the work jeans with the double zippers!! definitely

Cynthia in Seattle