holly: just one look

Backstage, at the delicious Holly Fulton show, in London in September.

Another little soundtrack to play, while viewing (altho this wasn't the music Holly had for the show):

I'm fascinated with the behinds the scenes aspect of any creative project: film sets, kitchens, and of course, fashion. What especially drew me in with the Holly Fulton backstage experience was we were a select group allowed to shoot what they call 'first look.' It's fascinating: all these photographers, with lights and things, squished together in a hallway. With my lens, I could only shoot really close. And the way they massage the lotions into the girls! It's kind of hilarious.

This is just ONE look - one model - backstage, and on the runway, from the Holly Fulton show. Multiply that by.. oh, you do the math. And then I've been to.. a bunch of shows. I am overwhelmed with things I want to show you.

A continuation of my juxtaposition series. Must run! xoxo


adrielleroyale said...

Man, I love that dress with that turquoise - it's like classic and sleek with a splash of fun and carefree :)

mtg said...

So cute! Those black and white checks and that blue and yellow remind me of my vintage purchase several months ago. I'll email you a photo, it's amazing.


The Foolish Aesthete said...

Love these shots and that turquoise fringe. I feel the same way about everything behind the scenes. So much more interesting. Your Halloween story was funny too (subtlety is utterly lost in a Halloween environment!). Hope you had fun this year. Ours is finally over after days and days of festivities ... xxx

Fashion Limbo said...

absolutely loving these images Jill, stunning pics... I'm a huge fan of watching creative processes develop, i'm fascinated to see how all of these little pieces come together, from every direction, to perfectly or imperfectly form the end result, wether a fashion show, a concert, a music album etc...