I like people who keep things simple. And I like people who do what they say. So when I was contacted by Ashley, at CUTEY, who managed to say in less time than it will take me to write this post, that.. actually, I'll quote her email, in its entirety:


I saw your blog and wondering if you would be intrested in reviewing one of our bracelets, or running a givaway?
I'm from the brand cutey(http://www.cutey.co.uk), we produce a range of charm bracelets.
We've only just launched.

Let me know, thanks.

Ashley Peach

I said yes, sent my address, couldn't choose between four styles, she sent all four - they retail for £12.99 each - and they arrived like two days later. And shame on me for not doing this post sooner, because Laura of A Daisy Chain Dream already did hers. And Ashley asked me to be honest, and critical - because they are the manufacturers as well - and let her know anything that I didn't like.

My only complaint - and this is a very small complaint - is, coincidentally, what Laura said: the clasp is a bit 'fiddly'. Can you see tho: it's really strong and well made, and it's like a barrel that opens, and it's really just a question of getting the hang of it.

But what I love - besides the price, and the quality for the price - is that each one has this unique little mixture, and the names are connected to Greek gods. And they're great Christmas gifts. Really CUTEY.

Thank you, Ashley, you're a Peach!


styleeast said...

Curry indeed! I'm quite getting in to charms, I love how they jangle! x

Unknown said...

So gorgeous! Love charm bracelets, and these are gorgeous!

O D Y S S E Y said...

nice job on the review, jill.
these bracelets would make great gifts. plus, they're layer-able.

thanks for your emails on that hotel...replying today, if i can get myself in gear. :)

Serea said...

Simple and Perfect!!

daisychain said...

Brilliant review Jill,
you have such an elegant way with words that see yours rise far and above other posts.

Much love to you, my beautiful friend xx

young-shields said...


Thanks for your comment on my last post, really cheered me up! I agree - Ebay first, novel later...


Thea said...

really cute!

Il love with BOOKS?



SabinePsynopsis said...

What a fitting name - the bracelets are super cute and look like 'the more the better'. Maybe the fiddly closure means one just shouldn't take them off :)