give me a ring

There's also a song I cannot get out of my head: I am singing it as I type this, and I didn't even like it years ago - but it plays in the cafe where I write, and now, I'm giving it to you - like a gift - so you might, or might not, get it stuck in YOUR head:

Does this ever happen to you? You'll have a flash of a memory and realise, no, that didn't happen, it was a dream. But you can't remember the dream. Yesterday I was at the V&A, I was meant to meet a friend and went early, to be alone and write (I'm finishing my novel), and the water is still in the pool in the middle, but you can't get there cause they've laid down a new lawn. And the cafe was closed. But I had taken these rings here when I first met my lovely, beautiful (in ever sense of the word) friend Alexandra, of Mon&me, to see this amazing collection of KumKum silver jewelry up close. And to talk about the line, which isn't yet available in the UK: it's only starting to. Mon&me are the sole distributors.

Anyway: the dream. It wasn't a full dream, just a flash of an image of someone wearing my Swedish KumKum ring (that's mine: that gorgeous indigo blue zircon cocktail ring, solid silver, heavy and magic, like the eye of God - I feel like it's my Muse, I seem to write better when it's on), only what I remembered - or thought I did - was meeting someone who was wearing the version with the black stone - but turquoise stones surrounding it. But that didn't happen. It was only a dream.

The prices are really good, for solid silver, handmade, beautifully, uniquely different. The middle shot, for example: it's like a wedding ring - and it can be a wedding ring - but in the context of being on this finger (I wear mine on a middle finger) it is just so elegant. And delicate. You can't yet buy these rings at a store in the UK, but we're working on that! In the meantime, best to simply contact Alexandra directly.

I love, by the way, how English people say 'give me a ring' or 'ring me'. So old fashioned. Much better than 'tweet me' or worse, 'follow me.' Don't follow anyone, I say! Be your own person.

BRILLIANT blue skies: I hope no one is reading this, that you're all outside, having fun.

KumKum rings are available online, or better yet, if you'd like to see them in person, or buy them in the UK, call or email Alexandra at Mon&me. Tell her Jill sent you.


Serea said...

Love Rings of course!!! I´m from spain, Coud I buy someone??


jill said...

Hi Serea,

I'm sure she could post it to you - go to the Mon&me site (click thru) and Alexandra will talk with you about either finding a store in Spain, or choosing something online.

daisychain said...

1. ring LOVE

2. thank you SO much for your amazing comment, Jill, you are just wonderful and I simply must meet you for real one day. I think we'd have such fun! I will plan my time off work better next year and factor in some London adventures!


Project Umbrella said...

I love the ring on the second photo!

Please check out my blog:


Angelica said...

What a great post, I love all the rings, especially the blue one shown first. :)

Thanks for sharing, I've just followed your blog and would love it if you could do the same! (And feel free to comment on whatever you'd like):


Angelica xoxo