hello, sailor!

It was the end of my first day at the Olympics - not inside the Park itself, but my first time at Westfield East, which was in itself simply amazing: it's such a buzz there, it's basically the Olympics, with food and great clothes. And I was standing there, thinking, wow, for the rest of my life, I can say I WAS THERE - one of those glorious moments when you're so glad to be alive - and suddenly, this man appeared, like a ray of sunshine.

Just as he passed, he noticed me shooting, and it was that moment of: isn't it wonderful. This whole thing. WE'RE ALL HERE. And everyone photographing each other, posing in front of the entrance to the park.. it's all about the same thing. We want to record this moment: to bear witness. WE WERE ALL HERE.

What feels so glorious about this.. I know the women competing are just as amazing, more so, in so many ways, but there's something eternally MALE about the Olympics. Something that goes back so deep in our memories. There's such a great male presence: the soldiers and sailors and athletes - real men. Real stars. Something so primitive: We will protect you, it feels like they're saying. You womenfolk, and children, and elderly, sick and infirm. You don't have to worry about a thing. We're here.

And besides, let's face it: what girl can resist a man in a uniform.


LeahB said...

Okay, well now I can admit that I've been watching the Olympics purely to watch the men! I mean, HELLO!, they're all Adonises! And I commented to someone the other night that I can kind of understand how man can't help but stare at women's chests, because I COULD NOT take my eyes off of Lochte's abs the other night!

And the soccer players... don't even get me started!

(Yup, I sound like a giddy 15-year-old... please excuse me.)

LeahB said...

Ha, I meant "men," but "man" actually works better, come to think of it!

jill said...

; ) Yes, I see what you mean - man vs men - and I can really relate! I was thinking the same thing actually. I'm so not the 'man ogling' type - ever - I think the whole Chippendale/men's stripper thing is so SAD.. but I couldn't help notice Lochte's abs either!

In fact I can't even believe I'm using the word 'abs' in a sentence. That's a first for me. This London Olympics is having a profound effect on everyone - in all kinds of ways.

Thanks for stopping by, LeahB!

jill said...

p.s. Can't click thru to you but in case you happen to see this:

Lauren@Styleseer said...

I'm definitely not the man-ogling type either, but wow, he's gorgeous. What a great smile!

LeahB said...

LOL! Thanks for the link! Um, wow!

Now I feel the need to clarify that I am usually not an ogler either! However, during the Olympics every few years I seem to turn into one. I also seem to turn into a bit of a hypocrite, because whenever I hear or read a man commenting on, say, the female volleyballers, my feathers get ruffled, and I think, "You guys are such pigs! You should respect those ladies for being such great athletes." Then of course a few minutes later I seem to find myself giggling over a male diver or two!

I think part of it is the times we're living in! While so much of our population is hitting up the Bud Lite and McDonald's (in the U.S. anyways) it's hard not to have a bit of a 'wow factor' when we see people with such fine physiques (be they male or female). It's like spotting the rare unicorn!

Anyways, I'm off to act my age again... back into the real world!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Dear Jill,

I can just imagine the buzz and excitement of being IN and AROUND the Olympics. We have become bleary-eyed Stateside just watching NBC's coverage late at night, wishing we could see more and be there.

My husband, in his youth and previous life before an actual career, was a competitive gymnast and was actually state champion for rings and pommel horse. So he knew Tim Daggett (the NBC commentator) and all these older guys in the field. The Olympic tryouts were held here in Silicon Valley and his old coaches (still Mens Gymnastics insiders) were around. He was supposed to attend the events here with them but we got so busy with house guests. So we just invited his coaches over for dinner and got the inside scoop on the Olympic athletes, coaches, etc. That is about as close as we got to the real buzz you are experiencing there in London!

And I'm smiling at your channeling our house since I am meanwhile visualizing that rooftop gem of yours in London! OK, we need to keep this house swap conversation going and perhaps one summer, we'll actually do it!

You're right on the maleness of the original Greek Games, as we see painted on all those ancient vessels. They were masculine shows of athleticism even then. (My husband and I love antiquities and archaeology. We have artifacts from various cultures spread around the house. Interestingly, we have feminine pieces that exude Mother Goddess power -- I guess not to be outdone by the other macho artifacts!).

Enjoy the beach house! -- J xx

San said...

I think it is actually his smile that is most striking.

Great pictures of him.

Have a fun time.

Dear Miss Pretty said...

um hello james marsden lookalike!
rebekah xx

Veshoevius said...

...especially one as good looking as this (to finish your last sentence!)

Jess in Fashion Limbo said...

gorgeous smile! gorgeous pic! lovely thoughts :):)