@burberry: what's your name

We were driving up, in Jessi's car, parking near the Albert Memorial - knowing we were running late for the Burberry show. It was cold, the light getting low in the sky after a beautiful sunny day, and suddenly we see this huge glass pavilion, as we're walking - Jessi, who used to model before she moved to Paris and got married and had her darling son, Jasper. Jessi, tall and California blonde, statuesque in killer heels.

This unbelievably gorgeous, spiritual music, was pouring out, as if from the heavens. WOW. We could see the show going on, through the glass. The guards directed us where to get in to the show, but you know what? It was nearly over, and it felt right to be outside. With the crowd. Watching Jessi get papp'd, watching the blogger/celebs who didn't get Burberry invites get papp'd.. and then, as the guests poured out, watching the circus go by. Fame. What's your name.

I am a firm believer that where we are is where we're meant to be. I don't mind not being inside the show, because the people I met and the photos I took.. I'd not have had any of that experience otherwise. This is now my philosophy of life: wherever I am, I try to be present.

I'll be posting more, but I need to get over to Somerset House now. If you want to see what we didn't, here's the show in its entirety. It's really worth playing all the way thru - I've got Happy Together running through my head (& p.s.: LeahB, I found the version! It's Misty Miller singing it, thank you Eleanor Frost) - but the end.. man, oh man, is Christopher Bailey an artist, or what.


Anonymous said...

Who is singing that version of the song? I couldn't find it on itunes, and I want it!


(PS, I'm super lame when it comes to music... it's probably a very well known version.)

Unknown said...

Really thoughtful post. I agree with your philosophy.


jill said...

Thank you, Anna. Soon as I've taken my shoes off and uploaded today's photos, I'll be checking out your bllog.

LeahB: I haven't a clue, and I was wondering the same thing. I'm hopeless at any music in the last few decades. I'm going to try YouTube now, and then - I'll give them a week or so to catch up - I'm planning to call Burberry and see if ANYONE knows. Isn't it a hauntingly beautiful version? I've been singing it all day.

And then - that live performance at the end!!!!!

jill said...

Original version:

Here's a particularly spoooky version, from the Gatsby trailer:
(and it perfectly expresses Gatsby's obsession with Daisy - I wish I knew who was singing this!!)

Okay... did a search on 'who sings etc' and It's a band called FILTER, from Cleveland.. allegedly, because it's not listed in wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filter_(band)


Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh my goodness, thank you SO much for doing all of the sleuthing footwork on the performer! You're fantastic!!! Off to listen to it more...!