the spirit of things: matthew williamson

God bless my little camera.

Sometime last year, my husband decided that he, too, wanted to start a blog - on fly fishing - and we went on eBay and got him what we thought was my camera, my Canon EOS 50D, for something like £35. We couldn't understand why no one bid against it.

Then it arrived - without a card, of course, or a lens - but after buying four different cards, we realised why no one wanted it. It was TWELVE YEARS OLD - the first Canon of its kind, to bridge the semi-professional market - and the cards were obsolete. And since my wonderful EOS had died literally of exhausting, from slamming the shutter into oblivion shooting the fast speed at fashion weeks, I didn't have much in the way of expectation from this old boy.

So I didn't take nearly as many shots. I could feel it huffing and puffing at the Matthew Williamson show, so I turned it off and simply enjoyed the show, like a normal person. But to my surprise: it really did come through!

The press release at the show talks about 'opulent colour and print informed by the Northern Lights'... digitally printed snow-scapes with acid green-lit skies.. degrade pewter, gunmetal and sulphur yellow.

In this post I'm just focusing on one sulphur yellow look: a pants suit that reminds me of when the Beatles first played on the Ed Sullivan show.

When we arrived, before the show, I noticed this girl in a great dress - the collar seemed like a statement necklace - that's probably Matthew Williamson. I loved her bob - I might cut my hair like that again - and assumed she was Natalia Vodianova. I was telling Jessi why I think she's so great. But I was, once again, totally wrong. Apparently it's Arizona Muze. Although I still think this girl looks more like Natalia Vodianova, don't you? Whoever she is, I noticed how warm and generous she was, to friends greeting her before and after, and - during the show - catching the eye and sending support to her friends on the catwalk.

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Anna said...

Nice pics. Great catch up.