Okay, I admit it: I drink a lot of water.

Back when I was about 18, I guess, my boyfriend got me hooked on the stuff. I remember standing by the sink at night, and we'd drink THREE WHOLE GLASSES before going to sleep. And ever since, I carry a bottle of tap water wherever I go.

I've noticed that whenever models, actresses, etc, are asked their beauty secrets, they invariably say 'lots of sleep, lots of water'.

But I can be a bit evangelical about it. And since both my mother and husband don't drink nearly enough water, he's coined a new phrase: 'hydro nagging.' Yes, yes, I do understand that the more you drink, the more you're gonna have to pee - but really, you're not fooling Mother Nature if you don't drink water in the hopes that you're not going to pee. That's - in my humble opinion - simply ridiculous.

I did, however, get caught up on the flight out of Miami last week. Soon as they switched off the fasten seat belt sign, I was the first in the loo. (see above). And then, bam, the plane dropped. We hit turbulence. And there I was, butt naked - landed somehow on the closed toilet, thank God - and started getting whipped around the loo, struggling to pull my tights up, open the door, and crawl back to my seat. We then had approximately 4.5 HOURS OF TURBULENCE. The mostly English plane were behaving pretty well, as I was clutching my husband's arm and moaning and being very, let's just say, un-English. He and the guy next to him kept saying things like 'what are the odds of the plane going down' and I was just doing my best not to pee in my pants.

Shot this backstage after the wonderful Maria Grachvogel show on the last day of LFW. More to come. Off to see Lincoln soon. We can't get Sky (long story) so I can't see the Oscars tonight, something I took for granted as a NYer. I was too cool to stay in and watch the Oscars. Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got til it's gone.

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ODYSSEY said...

You just reminded me to drink more water (maybe not right before a flight but...) ;)