don't panic

Back when I lived in NY, I used to share a studio (separate from my apartment), an entire loft floor in Chelsea, with five other artists, all guys, mostly named Bill. So they all went by their surnames. Patrick Demarchelier was upstairs: we'd often hear the crashing sound of what we could only assume were supermodels flying thru the air and landing with a thud. McGuire, one of the Bills, had his Three Point Theory to get thru life:

1. Don't panic.
2. There are always other options.
3. Ha!!! Forgot number three. But the first two usually get me by in life. Or have, so far.

Yesterday, at the pool, I deliberately didn't bring my camera, (wanted a day off), and all I saw everywhere was polka dots. On the towels. On grown women's bikinis. On children's swimsuits. Even, driving home thru Barnes, on a beautiful blonde mother and her three daughters. She was wearing a red polka dot sundress, they were all in polka dots.

It was like a sign.

Thank you for your lovely comments. It looks like the bank stuff will be sorted out, and we're having a great weekend. We're pretty resilient, Mr. Dot and I. Like supermodels, we always land on our feet.

Ashanti of Adorngirl wrote a brilliant comment about faith, followed by a lovely story by The Photodiarist (comments on 'you've got to have friends'). But yesterday we went to the pool outside town and had a glorious day, surrounded by happy friendly people, living their lives. I swam and I swam some more. And today, although the weather could go either way, we're going back.

What what will I be wearing? My favourite, itsy bitsy, turquoise polka dot bikini. Of course. Last season, Itzhak Mizrahi for Target, which my beautiful, wonderful mom bought me on a visit to West Palm Beach. I wish the Paul Vance video wasn't disabled, but please click here, it's fab. Or, the original Connie Francis version:

And I want to add: our bank is Citibank, and they're brilliant. They caught it within 24 hours, possibly much sooner, and shut our account down. Hats off to them, truly.

The funny thing is, knowing that we can't use credit (i.e. debit) card but still have a good amount of cash, we're having really fun spending minimum money this weekend. So far our cash outlays have been: splitting a bbq chicken sandwich @ the pool (including coffee for me, crisps & diet Coke for Mr. Dot), under £10. One Daily Telegraph, a loaf of good Paul's bread, a bottle of wine, a dvd: about £15. The pool is free, we get direct debited for the gym club. We've got enough petrol in the car (I hope). And we've got each other, and one very, very cute cat. What more can you want in this world?


the style crusader said...

so glad you are feeling well and that you got to enjoy the sunshine. love that you are constantly surrounded by polka dots - whether you think you want to be or not. xx

Ellie said...

I often have very cheap weekends on purpose, I see what I can do for a certain amount and how much fun we can have! It's brilliant.


Style Odyssey said...

brilliant. funny, i'd wanted a yellow polka dot bikini when i lived in the bvi but never found one i liked!

i don't think mr. odyssey and i could find something so cheap to do on the weekend in these parts. well...the beach is free- if it wasn't so boiling hot, i'd swing for that! once we arrive in charleston, we'll surely find cheap weekend fun to be had!

back to you: i figured you'd find a silver lining, Jill. you always seem to. i'm sure you have a Plan B for cash for the D.R. trip. because i doubt you'd let a bank drama hold you back from enjoying your caribbean holiday.

i need to reply to your latest email. (it's always a joy to see one from you!) i don't know what's got into me- have been behind (again!) on all email. i'll hop to it...! xx

Vanessa said...

I love love love this song


styleeast said...

So glad to hear things are being sorted out and you're managing to have a lovely time on a shoestring! Rising above it is the best way to deal with such horrendous things.

I was just thinking of you as Karate Kid (as you'll recall, one of my favourite films!) is on TV ;))


Emily (Travel and Toile) said...

I'm so sorry that your week has been so dreadful. That's no fun. The bank thing will get sorted out eventually- I once had a bank cancel my credit card because someone used it in Canada... well, that someone was me. I was on a vacation and forgot to call the bank and tell them! So, my boyfriend at the time ended up paying for everything for me for the rest of the trip. It was a mess. So, I kind of understand.

Also, I wanted to let you know how much I love the first photograph in this post, of the girl in the red bikini. She looks so sassy and adorable the way that you have captured her- well done. Just another reminder why I love this blog so much.

Unknown said...

ahhhh love this song. Makes me smile, even after its over!

Clazzerati said...

PMA, postive mental attitude. Gets you through anything! x

the Citizen Rosebud said...

so happy to hear things are working out. and the upbeat spirit of yours is inspiring. xo.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, d'you know the girl's name? I seem to know her, but am not certain.