see you next tuesday

First, can I say that your comments today are just fabulous. You are just amazing, big hearted, gorgeous women. We are so all on the same page. For those who just got here, you'll have to read the previous post. I happen to think the original article that Anonymous referred to (in her comment: it's gotta be a female) is quite good.

And I've noticed: I'm down at least one follower today. Perhaps more: if I got two new ones, and lost three. I seem to have offended someone in Detroit (see comments, 'lace'), by saying I assume that Anonymous is neither attractive, nor fit. I'm making that assumption based on a lifetime of experience: people that hurt others always feel less than: less attractive, less 'fit', whatever. Of course, we'll never know, because Anonymous isn't talking. I'm just making a calculated guess, based on experience.

The crazy thing is: while I, personally, am OLD AS THE HILLS, the girl in question in the post is not. She is young. So it's a ridiculous argument in the first place.

Personally, I don't like 'cute' as a rule: even as a six year old my style was very plain, not tomboyish.. okay, a bit tomboyish. Simple. Given the choice, at any age, of a rack of dresses, I always went for the cleanest lines. Which is a lot of what made Jackie Kennedy, or even Audrey Hepburn - certainly, Kate Hepburn - style icons. We all get it: not too much girly stuff. Cute, but not too cute. Dress it up, dress it down. These days, it's a question of balance. We get the drill.

I just feel - as you all clearly do, too - that everyone has a right to dress how they please. It takes confidence, and a degree of sophistication, to break the rules. Not to be weird for the sake of it -or to get noticed and photographed for a street style blog (and those are the ones I DON'T shoot) - but to be true to your own definition of 'truth'.

Case in point: I really like this girl's look. Saw her last week outside the cinema and shot quickly as I ran in to see a FABULOUS film: Please Give. If it's in a cinema near you, please don't waste time reading the rest of this post, or commenting. Just go see it. Now.

Ever since I first met Jennifer of Style East, or Jennifer East, as I now call her, back at Jackie's birthday bash @ the Orangery, (style east: we come in peace), I've been really in the mood for little white cotton tee shirts with words on them. I've got lots o'white tees, but none with words, apart from my Camp Birchwood tee from when I was 12, and that's blue. I'm thinking of taking an indelible black Sharpee to one of them and scribbling my own, but I don't know what to say. (A first for me). Any suggestions?

BTW: I'm pretty sure that girl in the top shots outside the cinema isn't English. I say that because, as Mr. Dot would be the first to tell you, in England, the phrase 'see you next Tuesday' isn't actually very polite. I'm not gonna spell it out, but you do the math.

I'm in such a chilled mood today! Just loving this endless summer feeling. Thinking of what to pack - and then, unpack - as my goal this summer is to travel as light as humanly possible. Just want to swim and swim and swim. And swim some more.


Unknown said...

I absolutely love Jenifer's top. I've been looking for a top like it for a while but it's hard to find one that I like with something on the front that I like enough to wear!

styleeast said...

Oh, it's me! Wasn't expecting that!! Thank you. Can I suggest Urban Outfitters or Altru Apparel for slogan tees (the latter do Alexa's Obama newspaper t-shirt which you may have seen).

This girl in the last photo is the one from the Luxe the other day? With the tattoos on the back of her legs? Good style, I think she may have been Russian (I tuned in!) x

Oh, ps, what a great email title, given the backlash against "Anonymous"!!

jill said...

It's purely coincidence ; )

Funnily, this was the post I meant to do when I woke up. Before Anonymous got her two cents in.

You're next, style east! Just say the word: Flash Blog.

Ellie Jane, I thank you, and I'm sure Jennifer thanks you, too. xo

Olivia Isabella. said...

Get the sharpie out! Go wild!
And I would love it if I you would link to my post... I just need to double check with the photographer if you can use the picture. I will let you know asap. Thank you!
UO x

Serina Paris said...

mm her bag is cool, especially that pink bit

Matthew Spade said...

ahh "Jennifer East", bit of a hottie!

jill said...

Ah, Mat! A real man! Breath of fresh air. Have you seen the comments in the past few hours? Wonderful girls, they're all hotties ; )

Olivia: sure, just let me know when you hear from the photographer. In the meantime, anyone reading this, you've got to see Olivia's post of the lace jackets she's designed herself and is selling!! They're gorgeous.

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

hehe, mat. your comments really do make me smile! i totally agree with jill.

love, jazzabelle. x

Rosalind said...

Jill, I've been reading about the whole ' anonymous' thing on your blog over the past few days, and I'm not even sure why the comment was written in the first place.. And I was just thinking 'everyone has the right to dress how they want' when I saw you'd put that in your post! I'm glad you haven;t taken it to heart, and have instead provoked some very interesting debates..
Love that Bicycle club t-shirt. And as far as suggestions for you.. I could imagine something quite arty, or a quote from somewhere.
I personally want to do a few t-shirts with philosophy quotes on them!

I'm just about to go and look at Olivia's lace jackets now..


Anonymous said...

Hah i know the girl on the bike. That's my boyfriends old bike. She is Swedish and super nice. :)

jill said...

Oh Anonymous please ask her to get in touch!! If she wants to do it privately, email is jill.adams.uk@googlemail.com - if she's in the area I'd love to do a proper shot. I was just in a hurry that day, and didn't even ask her permission. Please tell her if she's not happy, I'll take the post down. But I'd love to at least send her the high res shots if she'd like.

That's so funny that it's your boyfriend's old bike. Whoever you are, please get in touch, too: if you're near the cinema I could shoot you, too! ; )

bunny of doom said...

Heya this is anon, i just coudln't be bothered to sign in last time...I will ask my bf if he got her email.