no diving

So much to say, so little time. In phase three of our holiday: family summer place, end of Long Island, North Fork. Sister, brother-in-law and niece just arrived. Breakfast on the deck.

Shot near Tranquility, NJ, by my beautiful friend - one of my most cherished friends, ever, we go way way back - Maryann Kissane. Maryann is one of those rare, truly beautiful women, in every sense, and her husband Jim is a dear friend - of both of our (me & Mr. Dot) - and we love their son and daughter, too (Ben and Julie). We've gone sailing together, have lived - and laughed - thru many adventures. This was shot at Ben's lovely girlfriend Lisa's family's pool. There is so much more I want to say and show you, and I will, promise, but I haven't yet said hello to my little sister!

How's your summer going so far? Hope it's wonderful. What are YOU up to? I AM reading your comments, dear blog friends, even if I'm not having a chance to visit. Hope your summers are all going swimmingly.


styleeast said...

What great photos, beautiful colours, I can almost feel the sunshine! So lovely to hear from you, looking forward to our next FFF but in the meantime hope you're having an utterly fabulous,relaxing holiday xx

zuzanna g said...

Styleeast is right, this post make me feel sunshine in this cloudy and rainy Poland! Photos are great, love the colors! xx


mtg said...

dear jill, you are most welcome for the book. just a small "thank you" for your support and friendship.
your pool pictures are amazing. makes me want to jump in! and i agree your friend is truly beautiful.

Olivia Isabella. said...

She looks radiant in the sunshine. Thoroughly enjoying all your holiday posts; making me crave my holiday!
UO x

the style crusader said...

the water looks perfect! so glad to see you are enjoying your holiday and not feeling pressure to do blog posts! can't wait to hear about all your adventures once you get back! xx

Style Odyssey said...

Sublime! Have a sunny, beautiful vacation, Jill!
I'm behind on not only my favorite blogs, but my own blogs...all due to moving. So no worries- we're in the same boat, but for different reasons. (Although I see you're still blogging...well done!)
I have a new cell #, will email it to you...

Abi said...

LOVEing these pictures :)


jill said...

Thanks Abi!! I see these just popped in when I did my post. Just running out but just wanted to say hi, and I'll visit your blog soon as I get some free time. Hope your summer's going beautifully.

S, hope to talk soon. Thanks for sending it. Jen & others thank you for your sweet sweet comments! Can't wait to catch up & hope you're all having a lovely lovely summer. xx