let's play ball

The last time I saw Annie and Tim's boys, Wallace, left, and Toby, they were mere babes in arms. They are so so cool: polite and feisty and fun. I hit the ground running after something like 27 hours of air travel and transfers, and soon as we arrived, before breakfast, the three of us played endless Marco Polo in the most perfect pool. Wallace, being 8, bent the rules in his favour every now and then because, in his words 'I've got the eight advantage.'

Just shot these today at the gorgeous house they're renting in the Dominican Republic. Annie wanted them to learn Spanish, they wanted to play baseball like their dad (who was in the minor leagues), and besides Cuba - which, as they say in the states, you can't get to from there, the DR is known for their good baseball.

Shot these earlier, before Annie took them to baseball practice with local kids. Do they not kill you with their adorableness? We're sipping cafe con leche @ the internet cafe in Cabrera, I've already uploaded a ton of shots, and I am having way too much fun. As Annie said, it's like everything happens here, and nothing, and it's just all so beautiful.


Not a Paper Cup said...

lol. too adorable! I thought you just saw awesome wee guys like this in the movies :)

ree said...

Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous! Love them


jill said...

Oh they are definitely real, but like real movie kids. I feel like I'm living in a Ralph Lauren ad.


Anonymous said...

They are adorrabbble! Especially in those matching uniforms.


Carrott said...

So cute! And yes, they look like they just came out of a movie! I hope you have a great time there xxx

Love Food said...

Aww they're so cute!

Lydia xxx

Anonymous said...

how, cute! love to play baseball, been such a long time ago! ;)

Adele said...

How adorable!
I love it!

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Matthew Spade said...

aww dudes, stteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekrike

mtg said...

yes, too sweet, too cute, too adorable!
glad you're having too much fun!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your super sweet comment, sorry it took me so long to reply. The title of that post was from Sam Sparro's song Black & White. I wish I had written it. Never seen KLUTE, but have heard of it and drooled over the images. I thought Terry was an old man, nah, he is his thirties, but he is a creeper. Typical. Love the cute boy, his smile radiates!

daniela kate morosini said...

omg jill, i haven't seen you in forever! when are you free? i'll text you:)

anyway, the boys are so cute, and very all-american looking! xx

the style crusader said...

these two are too cool looking. loving the baseball uniforms - that's something you never see over here and that i miss. glad to hear you were swimming as soon as you made it off the plane! hope you're enjoying it! xx

Adorngirl said...

oh my word they are lovely, and seriously when you blink a couple of times they will be grown teenagers, who knows they may be professionals, and will look back at these shots and laugh. x

jill said...

Yeah, Ashanti, those two are definitely going to be stars, one way or another. (And Toby, the older brother, also sings: watch out, girls! ; )

Jen: I know, it was something I took for granted in the States - baseball - but all that kit, the mitts, the whole baseball vibe, it's really strong here in Santa Domingo (they're at practice now, this is our first trip back to the cafe). Been thinking of you a lot - and I apologise to you and everyone else that I won't have time to visit ANYONE's blogs til after Thurday.

Danniekate: Remember when you tweeted that some poor girl who commented on your blog didn't read your post properly and called your outfits shorts instead of a romper? (or visa versa). You mocked her, and all she did was leave a nice comment. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Have you been reading any of my posts? It's not like I haven't been writing my summer itinerary for the past few weeks.

Everyone else: thank you for your sweet comments. Hope you're all having a great summer & soon as I'm on Long Island on Thursday - when it's not just a few snatched minutes in the internet cafe - I'll visit your blogs, too. xox

Style Odyssey said...

cuties!! they have that fresh-faced look that only little island expat children seem to have. they remind me of some of my bvi friends' kiddos.

hope you're having a wonderful time in the DR! mr. odyssey likes the DR. lucky man. i have never been.

we're in the midst of our move...finally got all our stuff in storage (went to alabama over weekend to get the rest of it), so now we must find somewhere to live. (sorry, unrelated topic to your post- just didn't have time to send a private email...not online much til we're settled).

when you're back to the US, call me! :)