Big shout out and thank you to everyone who commented last night on my post from yesterday. Woke up refreshed and renewed and we're heading to the OUTDOOR pool ; )

Just some proof that I really do like maxis. Somewhere I've even got a shot of me in one from the first time round (the 70s). These were shot last summer in Southampton, and occur somewhere on my posts from then if you want to have a look round July and August. That's me on the left - part of a photo shoot with my niece Scarlett, then 7.5 years (that's how she decorated her birthday cake). I wish I could show you how gorgeous she looked in the shoot, which she styled for us both, down to the bracelet on my hand (£4, Primark, last season) and the fans she found in my mom's desk drawer. I look a bit silly, but who cares. The dress is I think Gap, it's really old, really light and comfortable on a languid muggy summer evening, feels like a nightgown, and doesn't wrinkle. Unlike yours truly, who does.

And for you youngsters out there who don't know this great Paul Simon song from the 80s. I especially like the line 'Faith? Faith is an island in the setting sun. Proof, proof is the bottom line for everyone.'

Turn up your speakers and sing along with Paul:


styleeast said...

"unlike yours truly"...that made me laugh out loud! You look lovely in your maxi, Jill, I really like the style of it. Have a lovely day by the pool. I'm going to try some style shooting by the seaside! x

Vanessa said...

long dresses are totally in
i love it


Style At Every Age said...

Shame we can't see all of your picture, the dress looks great!

mtg said...

you always look cute, Jill.
i've been thinking about you (about yesterday). hope everything is fixed soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jill:
Like ByeByeSoccerMom, I was thinking of your debit woe all day yesterday after reading your post. Thank goodness for friends.

I am so glad you are feeling more relaxed and optomistic today. Hope the problem is resolved quickly & painlessly.
Louise formerly Anon.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

great post. good to hear you're back on track. as for the maxi's, you are rocking it. i guess you and the maxi have kissed and amde up. xo.

Unknown said...

Jill you look gorgeous in your maxi dress! xxx

jill said...

Oh I know the one you mean, Pret! She was one of three German sisters who had a design company. In fact she was the one who carefully wrote down their names, and her email address. The plan was I was definitely going to get in touch, link their company, etc. Later I had a lot of trouble reading her beautifully curly handwriting, tried googling what I thought the company was called.. never found it, or her.

She WAS fabulous! I'll try to find that post & do it as part of the Maxi Series ; ) I'm seeing them EVERYWHERE this week, by the way.

Thank you, Alexis! ; ) And each of you, who I feel like I know (well, Style East, I do) - and my new friend Louisa!! ; ) Rosebud, haha, yeah, Maxi & I are all sorted. xo