an american tune

Behind the shopping area called Lincoln Road, in Miami's South Beach, Miami, lies a little back street with a small, much coveted parking lot. We were trying to figure out how the parking meter thingy worked, when Keka was walking through, and kindly offered to help.

I asked to shoot her for my blog, and she was so sweet about posing. I didn't ask where she got her outfit, or where she's from. I've read that yellow is going to be huge on the catwalk this spring (I noticed it on the street a lot, last spring, so I'm not surprised) but I doubt that's why she was wearing it. It was a sunny day, and she's a sunny soul.

Later, after a glorious day in the sea near the Delano hotel, I saw this man in the same spot. He was doing his job, cleaning, with such precision and care. I spoke to him, a smile and a greeting, and he smiled back, but perhaps he didn't understand me. Perhaps he's from Cuba, or perhaps, he's from Haiti. Maybe he has family and loved ones back in Haiti, and he can't call, or email, or fly over to see if they're alright. He's got mouths to feed, and a job to do.

As we pack to fly back to London after a gorgeous holiday here, I can't help but think of the fact that we landed at Miami airport, just miles from Haiti, 15 minutes after the earthquake struck. My mom's community has gathered all kinds of things to ship over, because a lot of the workers here are from Haiti, and have family there. Everywhere I've gone, every shop and public place, there are collection baskets with the word HAITI on it.

The simplicity, and the passion, of the people I've seen, reaching out to help, has really moved me. I have never been more proud to be an American. And now I return to my other home, England.

This is perhaps my favourite song, ever. And this version was filmed on my favourite British talk show host, the beloved 'Parky':

We come on a ship they call the Mayflower. We come on a ship that sailed the moon. We come in the age's most uncertain hour, to sing an American Tune. But it's all right, it's all right, we can be forever blessed. Still, tomorrow's gonna be another working day, and I'm trying to get some rest. That's all, I'm trying to get some rest.


Leah said...

The girl in yellow is so sexy... yellow is such a fun color to wear in the summer too. Maybe that'll be another color we can wear when we have our own beach house, right?

I bet you have a glorious tan after sun-filled vacation in Florida. :-)

I love that song... so filled with hope.

PS... I'm in US too (just like you)... been here since 1st week of January. I'll be back in Manila by the middle of Feb.

Style Odyssey said...

your post really touched me, Dot. yes, there are a lot of Haitians here...the ones i encounter have a smile on their worried faces. i cannot imagine what they must be feeling, those who feel fortunate to be here, yet heartbroken & fearful for loved ones back home.

the girl- she's sexy and cute! sooo south beach! i'm heading down there tomorrow, will try to locate ashley (yes, i did get one of your emails from today- i'll get in touch..maybe she's working tomorrow.)

i'll miss knowing you're right up the road...as i'm still here in sunny south Florida for 2 more weeks. yes, i extended my trip- as i do! i can't help it; it's nice to be stateside sometimes.

safe travels! xo

dot said...

Just checked in and read both your posts: two of my favourite people, blog-friends or otherwise!

Funny to think we all live outside the US, and are all in the States right this moment - you're both so lucky you get to stay longer!

I can't get that song out of my head now. Was singing it while I swam. Gonna swim one more time & wishing you both great holidays.. but of course you know it's not goodbye: God willing, I'll be visiting your blogs sometime tomorrow! Isn't this an amazing world, and aren't we fortunate.


the style crusader said...

the three of you are so lovely!

i feel like that girl could come to be known as 'the girl in the yellow top' seriously, i would like to look that good in that sort of outfit!! and i really like those gold sandals she's got on.

the events that have taken place in haiti are so beyond what i could ever imagine... i almost feel inadequate to comment on it seeing as i have never been there, don't know anyone who is from there etc. feeling so far removed almost makes you feel incapable of giving your thoughts on it... like it's too big with too much suffering that just saying 'oh that was really awful' almost belittles it? i don't if that makes sense... but that is just how i feel. but i liked your take on it jill... it's always important to remember how little you know about what the people around you are going through. (enough of my nonsense talk)...

hope your trip back to the UK goes smoothly! and try to win some champagne again! xx

Anonymous said...

She's so sunny! I'm jealous that it's so warm over there.

It's nice to hear that the community in Miami is coming together for such a good cause.


adrielleroyale said...

I'm jealous of those lovely ta tas! lol What a beauty! :)

Heart Charlie said...

Girl in the yellow has the most amazing body in the world!! She also has a personality that is shining through the photograph, great moment you've captured ;)

Unknown said...

Oh she is very pretty and looks so happy, darn I wish I looked more like her!


daisychain said...

I love her shorts!

thank you so so much for your words,
I wish I could express how much they mean.