high noon (let the sunshine in)

A third corner, shot from the same place, within seconds of the previous post. And 'it's the real thing'. It was one of those rare street style moments when all the planets are aligned. Something like the dawning of Aquarius. Only different.


Catarina said...

lovely photos, I especially like the 1st one. Their outfits are also really nice, great shots!

Rosalind said...

A happy new year to you Jill!I hope you enjoy 2010.
I like both these jackets, they look incredibly cosy! Especially the furry one. And the dark brown shoes are really nice too.The two outfits contrast nicely.
Oh,and thanks for the lovely comment. I'm not sure where the phrase is actually from, one of those ones that you just know. But it might be from that!


Rachel said...

their jackets are AMAZING. perfect FUR moment. how i long for one...
although i could live without those uggs...
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Taylor said...

Love the cozy coats!

Unknown said...

love the leopard!

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Cecylia said...

Nice outfits!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Adorable outfits! I adore how the blond girl is wearing her boots, with cute socks!


Mom Fashion World said...

Looking these girls remind me of my teenage days
but i wasn't as fashionable as them though.
love all the photos, jill.
you always captured people's emotions
every time you take pics of them.

p.s mr. freddy's a camwhore. when ever he sees the camera
he will do a pose right away.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm in love with both of their looks - so cozy and fun!! :)

Cristi Silva said...

I love that coat!!!! so awesome!

Susan said...

love that coat!
have a sweet day, darling.