snap shot: south beach

Passed this guy on 16th street in South Beach & took this one shot. It's not haute couture, & we've seen this look before, but.. I just like it.


ena said...


Style Odyssey said...

this guy owns his casual all-american look. he looks like my first boyfriend, haha!
it's a challenge to find someone on so-be that isn't street-style material, i think! i'm loving all your miami shots, Dot. this is a fabulous place, isn't it?

the style crusader said...

haha, that is so funny that you took that! a guy in a 'wife beater' tank... you know that's what they call those tops, right? i used to have loads, they used to be the only tank tops i wore... you get get them by the bucket and for super cheap by hanes in packs of three (black/white/grey) at walmart/target. since then i've moved on to ones by AA they are much nicer... and don't hole as easily. xx

jill said...

Style Crusader: that is SO freaky that you said that! Last night, I met up with Style Odyssey (comment above) at an art opening in Hollywood (Fla, not LA) & she wore the most wonderful outfit made of Hanes 'wife beaters' (I was going to use that phrase but didn't want to offend anyone - which is silly really, who would I offend, the wife beaters, or their wives??) - anyway I tried to get good shots of what she did, but it was hard to shoot white on white, but will post that tomorrow, so stay tuned!

I wear ones that I saved from my dad, to sleep in. And I've got a variation from AA since last year, long enough to be a dress, with a racerback. I bought it in black, white, and a kind of army green/brown.

The whole point of Stephanie (Style Odyssey)'s creation is it is made of holes.. it's ethereal and gorgeous. I'll have to post it, it's hard to describe. Thanks for the comments!

Ena: why not? ; )

Anonymous said...

what were you thinking? too much sun? what does Mr. Dot think?

jill said...

Ha ha why does no one like this shot? I just liked the composition - the reflections in the car, the way his shirt blew over his shoulder.. oh never mind. It's like if you have to explain a joke, it wasn't funny.

Well I'll leave it up to prove I'm only human. This one was clearly a mistake, judging by the responses! And M, I'll have to ask Mr. Dot: I'm sure he thinks it's a crap shot. He's my worst critic.