lost in translation (wabi sabi)

Saw this couple at La Provence on Collins Avenue in South Beach, the same yummy cafe we met Leigh of the Gazelle Legs. I'm not posting these shots because their looks are unique, but because they're just such a cute couple with what I felt was quintessential early 21st Century casual style: shabby chic. And so all American.

I didn't want to bother them while we were all eating, but we were finished first (or rather, Mr. Dot was: he's pretty type A, and I'm a slow eater). He was waiting outside, and meanwhile I met & shot Leigh, and still, these two were lounging around, looking beautiful and blase.

Finally I approached them with my card & said blah blah blah, don't want to disturb you, only if you're leaving, and she shrugged: 'yes, sure.' So I waited outside. And waited. And waited some more. Mr. Dot came back & said what's up and I said, I dunno, still waiting. Finally they came out & by this time, I'm starting to feel like a stalking papparrazzi, and when they finally emerged, the guy asked what it was for. I was confused, it was like there was a lag in a long distance phone call. 'Street style. The Sartorialist?' (blank stares, no response). 'Do you know about blogs?' Vaguely. Where were these people from???

Russia, it turns out. Or at least, Julia is. Nick is Italian. And they were absolutely delightful, and we had a lovely little shoot & off they strolled, arm in arm, two beautiful people, happy and in love.

There is a Japanese phrase called 'wabi sabi', which we use a lot, to mean something that is beautiful because it is old, and faded, and has had a life and a history. Beauty that is 'imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete'. That's the appeal to me about these wonderful deco hotels and buildings in South Beach, and, I sense, that's the appeal of a lovely old pair of faded jeans. They've seen so much, they've lived so long. And will continue to live, change, evolve. Just like our favourite faded jeans.

Off back to South Beach again, soon as I post this. Wishing you a perfect day, wherever you are, whatever you do.


Cristi Silva said...

sounds like you too are having so much fun!!!

Iris / London Fashion Diary said...

How can they be so tanned? Is it that sunny over there? :D

Mom Fashion World said...

she's so HAWT!
i love the 2nd photo.

jill said...

Rad Christi: we are!!
Iris: it's not, it's been freezing (literally, at times before we arrived), but somehow you manage to get tan even on cloudy days.. and there are some glorious moments. I'm still swimming, it's not stopping me!

Mom & Son, good to hear from you, hope you're having fun up North.

daisychain said...

wow, how awesome do they look?

thank you for the lovely comment :)

the style crusader said...

so funny... when i first saw the photo and you said they had American style i was sorting of thinking they don't look very American at all to me. it's casual but not really american casual... the belt and the boots on the girl gave her away i think. thought it was funny to see in the end that they actually weren't american at all. they do look lovely though and so happy together!

p.s. i also love that he didn't know what the photo was about... maybe they took so long because they were debating whether or not they should try to escape out the back door? xx

Susan said...

wow, a very American look! :)
have a sweet day, xoxo

Pearl Westwood said...

Thats so funny, I bet you completly baffled them!!

Unknown said...

Love at first sight with her boots, i love the tone of them.


Dream Sequins said...

They do have a very "American" shabby chic look happening. And I like their energy. Inhabiting the "blog world" for well over a year now, and having been a reader of blogs for at least 3 years... I have to say that I'm floored when I meet someone who hasn't at least heard of the major street style blogs. :) Great shots!

Cecylia said...

Cute couple

Anonymous said...

She reminds me of Jessica Simpson singing 'These Boots are made for Walking'..even though they're not American, I think American style has definitely rubbed off on them!


Style Odyssey said...

south beach is definitely one of the best places to find beautiful people.
i like this!! especially with the wabi sabi reference and the old building pic.
i'm going to make a post soon on our meet-up, once i get your ok on the pics & such. in the meantime, have a fun day!! i just love your south beach posts!

daniela kate morosini said...

this gets a thumbs up from me simply because of her legs!


www.ticketpoint.de said...

Oh, i love miami :) besides these two are really hot ;)
and she's wearing wonderful boots!

the style crusader said...

oh my goodness. i had the most insane dream last night that i looked at your blog and you had photos of yourself in a hospital all bandaged up but wearing these insane heels and when i woke up i was so confused and wasn't sure if you really were in the hospital or not.

seriously a sign that i am spending WAY too much time looking at blogs (and yours in particular!!). xx