jaks girls

Was a week or so before Christmas, and I was hanging out at Jaks, on Walton Street in Knightsbridge, one of my favourite places to eat, meet a friend for a coffee & a chat, or just be alone and read & people watch. Walton Street is a funny street: it's narrow and seemingly a back road, but it's well trafficked and there are some cool shops on it. And it's a great place to street shoot: not the edgy wackiness of Camden or Hoxton, but still modern, cool... Euro style.

Case in point, Donata (left), from Lithuania originally, and her friend - totally blanking on her name! - from Rio. I love how Donata's turquoise top brings out the amazing blue of her eyes. This is just ordinary, classic day style: black riding type boots, jeans - but they've each got something luxurious to soften the look: a bit of fur on the collar, or in her friend's case, a blue fur scarf. Actually, maybe this close up will help, and you can see the ballerina necklace she's got on:

Donata Hanson is a fashion designer: this is her website. Her friend isn't, but as Donata said 'she wears my dresses!' And they're gorgeous, check them out. As are these girls. We left a few minutes later, kiss kiss, old friends.


Cecylia said...

they both like knee high boots!

Mom Fashion World said...

i just checked her site. she has an awesome
autumn/spring collection and gorgeous models.
love her ballerina necklace.

The Photodiarist said...

Great looks on these girls.

daisychain said...

Ohhh so effortlessly chic, love love love.

Susan said...

cool boots!