bright new decade

There's nothing you can do that can't be done, nothing you can sing that can't be sung, nothing you can say that you can learn how to play the game. It's easy.

There's nothing you can make that can't be made, no one you can save that can't be saved. It's really quite easy.

All you need is love.

Doesn't even have to be Mr. Right kind of love: any kind will do. Our parents, for start. All our family, actually. Pets. Friends. People we don't even know. Nature. Life. Self. Take your pick.

I got a message on my facebook wall from a girl named Kim, from South Korea, who said she's a fan of my blog and wished me a 'Bright New Decade'. Which is the wish I pass on to you.

We had a wonderful, perfect New Year's Eve with such a great group of friends, that extended into the next day, and night. And now we're home and the sun is out and, soon as I post this, so are we. Turn up the volume, and play this three times and sing along:

(Top shots are of a girl who works in a really cool cosmetics shop on Oxford Street, next group from London Fashion Week in September. Can't believe that soon it will be time for the next one! My how time flies).


Monika Poppy said...

the guy has awsome hair

Love from M poppy

Leah said...

All you need is love... what a nice welcome for the new year.

Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

Happy New Year! The Beatles always had it right...



adrielleroyale said...

That girl is beautiful, I love the colors of her eyeshadow - it's very well done :) Always lovely to see couples in love too...sigh... :) Your blog rocks as usual! Thanks and have a Happy New Year! May it be filled with all the best!

Anonymous said...

That girl has done her eyes very nicely!! I always admire people who can do eyeshadow so perfectly.

And those pictures are very reminiscent of Love Actually to me (which has all you need is love as well!)


Style Odyssey said...

beautiful, J. happy 2010!! bring on the optimism, adventures and possibilities!


So fun! Happy New Year to you as well! :)

My cape is from Belgium, I have family who visited me from my mom's side who brought it back <3


daisychain said...

What incredible photos,
really epitomise new year, to me.

I hope 2010 is truly wonderful for you x

Mom Fashion World said...

Happy New Year Jill!
Love the ambience here in your bog. I can feel the love!

p.s love the photos! You're a good photographer. You captured all their emotions thru photos!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love pretty eye colors - those first few pictures are just stunning. And The Beatles...j'adore!! :)

Susan said...

how sweet these shots are!
happy and bright new decade to you, too, darling!

jill said...

Thank you each of you & happy new year to you, too!! I love 2010 already. It's such a better number than 2009, for starts.

Oh and S, I can't do eye shadow, either! Can't do make-up, period. I'm absolutely hopeless.

Yeji said...

Thank you for choosing 'Bright New Decade' as the first post's title of 2010:)
I think I'll like this place more!^^


jill said...

Thank YOU, for inspiring me! I called you Kim, would you prefer Yeji?