can't give it away

Your comments were so lovely yesterday, thank you. So much for my 'give-away'. It looks like the consensus is: those of you with hour glass figures shall search for something similar, but some are saying to hold onto mine anyway. Meanwhile I've given up the search (temporarily) for my original dress, but have found a rather dark photo, shot on my ex (David's) 50,000 acre ranch in New Mexico. David's family are Texan millionaires and he's a nice guy who has since also become good friends with Mr. Dot. They stayed at our little London home (which is still so not done up the way we'd like) with his then girlfriend, who got very ill. We have no curtains in the living room, so hung up old Welsh plaid blankets with moth holes in it, and the place became dark and covered with bottles of medicine and crumpled, used tissues. They were meant to stay a few days and stayed a week instead, while she convalesced. Mr. Dot called it the Crack Den.

Packing to go, I've got so many lovely, CURRENT, shots to show you but will only do so if I have time, as I've got to leave for the airport in a few hours and Mr. Dot is still across town, battling Citibank (we're not as keen on them: he was on the phone with India all day yesterday, they still haven't sorted it out - we still can't get to any of our money - and he thought he'd show up at the nearest branch on Hanover Square first thing, but sod's law, they don't open til 10 on Wednesdays. Of COURSE THEY DON'T!!)

Oh and he had walked there - an hour each direction - and I said well just take the tube home. Asked if he brought his travel card, he did, but it needs topping up AND WE HAVE NO MONEY. You couldn't make this shit up.

So he's there, I"m here, trying to pack as little as possible. I've got a huge pile which I'm now attempting to edit down, and look pretty much like in this shot except I'm wearing Mr. Dot's white tee and undies, kneeling on the floor with stuff scattered round on the carpet (and NO, I'm not taking a self portrait). The white dress, like the cat, will be staying behind. And I might, too, if we don't get this sorted out!

(p.s. 1234th follower: that will never happen again. I love that stuff.) And while 'embedding is disabled by request', you've GOTTA click here and see Chantal Kreviazuk's version of Leaving on a Jet Plane.


Not a Paper Cup said...

I don't heart banks, and i don't heart trying to pack as little as possible!

But I do heart the photo! thanks :)

Love Food said...

Hope you getting all sorted and manage to enjoy your holiday, sounds like a nightmare!
I'm the same with packing, I'll look at something and think, well what if I wish I'd brought it once I get there, when in reality, so long as I have a couple of pairs of shorts and tshirts and some dresses, I don't actually need anything else!

Lydia xxx

jill said...

Hey Lydia, EXACTLY. I always pack like 6 pair of shoes & flip flops & know that I'll only wear one pair the whole time (same with jumpers) the problem is WHICH ONE? That part doesn't seem to be revealed til I get there.

I think travelling light is a matter of confidence. It's now 2 hrs since I've posted and I've only got three pair of flip flops in the bag. I think I need to chill with the cat and re-think.

Not a Paper Cup, thanks! & thanks for following me on twitter, will follow you too once I'm packed. xo

the style crusader said...

jill, i think having your 1234th follower on today is a sign... i'm not exactly sure of what, but of irony and good things to come. safe travels! xx

QuiteQuaint said...

Im terrible at packing, I never consider what i'll be wearing with what, on what occasion, it all just gets thrown in and I end up wearing about a third of it. Good luck reducing your pile!

Style At Every Age said...

What a nightmare with the bank! Hope you have a great time!

jill said...

Thanks Fab. It's so weird how it worked out: husband came home, and was like 'bloody hell': in the post was a new card FOR HIM - which works. He also tried my old card (using my existing passport) and got money out on that.

So even tho the folks at Citibank across town said the new cards will arrive for both of us this Friday - which would mean I wouldn't have access to my money apart from the cash I brought into the Dominican Republic with me - it seems I now have a working card after all.

When we're back, we're switching banks. Any suggestions? Anyone use HSBC?

Jen, I think it's a sign, too. Of what, I have no idea. Oh and I'm packed. Edited back about 10% and the bag is still heavy and yes, QuiteQuaint, I estimate I'll wear mostly 25-33%, too, but since I can't tell which percent is it, it's all coming along.

Thank you!!! Packing the laptop last ; ) xo

Style Odyssey said...

Love the pic, Jill. The light, the post...

I am typing this pretty late, from a motel room somewhere just west of....Charleston! (We made it!!) And as I was driving for 9-ish hours today w/ the cat for company (Mr Odyssey had the dog in his car), I thought of you traveling all that way, very little funds for your holiday. I felt excited for you, having a Carib holiday, but wondering what would I do in your shoes (flip-flops)...Anyway, I hope you arrive safe in a few hours and have a fab, stress-free time!


styleeast said...

Lovely photo and great to see the dress story come full circle! Thinking of you relaxing on your holiday, have a lovely time x