delicatobolls (you've got to have friends)

No need to adjust your dial: if these shots look familiar, there's a reason. This is just version of the same event that Jen just posted about.

I've had a very strange week so far, culminating with my husband, Mr. Dot, going out first thing this morning to get a haircut (£8), going to a cash machine and discovering that because someone had hacked into our savings account and stolen a large sum of money, they were shutting down both of our accounts, issuing new cards, and posting them, which wouldn't be received here in London until I had already flown next Wednesday, penniless, to the Dominican Republic. We were on the phone with an Indian call centre all day until finally I said to Mr. Dot, why don't you just take the tube to Oxford Street (where our nearest branch is) and try to appeal to a human being face to face?

He then called shortly after, to say he was walking to Soho instead, in this heat wave, because - get this - someone decided to commit suicide on the Piccadilly Line.

I really hope I haven't offended anyone from India, or anyone who knows someone who has committed suicide (one of my best friends from childhood did, by the way: it's not pretty, and I don't think I'll ever get over it). I'm just speaking my truth: this was my day. Actually, just part of my day. And while it was probably one of the most beautiful days England will ever see, I didn't leave the house, except, finally, to swim indoors at the gym. And it's still not resolved: we still can't get into our account, but we do have some cash to get us thru the weekend, and lovely friends who have offered us some of theirs if we need it. Their kindness blows us away.

Also, I'm not passing any judgement on this outerwear-as-underwear look, or on the width of these girl's thighs (I'll leave that debate for a time I'm feeling stronger), or even their young ages. Go to Jen's post ('things aren't what they seem') if you want a nice meaty discussion, cause I"m feeling pretty fragile today.

Which leads me to the only thing I really want to say: my friend Jen is such a star. She brought me this lovely polka dot bag from Sweden, with a beautiful comfortable orange strapless 'bra' because she remembered me saying I desperately needed a new one (and come to think of it, would not have been able to buy, as we don't use credit cards, just that one debit, which is currently frozen). When she presented me with these Delicatobolls, a Swedish delicacy, I thought if I started crying I'd never stop. I don't know if I"ll ever be able to eat them, they just represent to me all that is good, and generous, and kind, in the world.

Today, for Mr. Dot and for me, we've learned in the most profound way that.. well, check out this 'underwear as outerwear' look, because Bette says it best:

Tomorrow, cash in hand, we're leaving town to go to a branch of our gym and swim outside and just chill. I wish you all a lovely weekend, and please do come back sometime: I promise I won't always be this grumpy. I'm just having one of those days. And I just realised: he never did get that haircut!


jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

as i said on jen's post, these suspenders do suit her but i'd never be brave enough to wear them. though, if i was to see her in person i'd probably think what the hell is she wearing?! taylor momsen is constantly seen wearing stockings out and about, what is she 16? 17? i think that's a bit wrong. for a party it's acceptable, but for everyday? no way. i do actually own a pair of henry holland mock stock tights, and that is as far as i would go. the reason why i bought them is because i loved the juxtaposition of having my legs covered up, but wearing something that is seen as 'sexy'. i realise now, that i look young for my seventeen years of age (eighteen in six days!) so some people may of thought it was a bit wrong seeing me in them. though saying that, i did recieve a lot of compliments.

the width of her thighs? well if she is naturally that skinny then i think she has great legs, i'd adore legs like that, to be honest. i think it's a great idea to leave the 'skinny debate' for another post, i have oh so much to say on the matter, jill.

it sounds like you have had a pretty awful day, i hope everything comes together perfectly tomorrow, you deserve it.

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Rosalind said...

It just sounds like one of those days where nothing goes right.. and that sounds pretty bad!I hope the whole money issue gets sorted out as soon as possible, and I agree with Jazabelle - you deserve to get it sorted!
I might go and have a look at Jen's post to see the debate, but from where I stand, I appreciate underwear-as-outerwear from a more vintage (and I suppose demure) point of view - I'm all for dusky pink silk camisoles and slips, but I'm not really a stockings person! (Unless they happen to be 1940's Brettles silk ones.)
And if you do do a size debate post at some point, then you can be sure I'll enjoy getting involved with a lengthy comment or two!
Thank you for your sweet comment, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you do your post about Nathalie Tunna! The interior was actually fromwhere we were staying for the weekend, but it's very much to my taste too! I did send you an email, but I understand how busy you are, and I appreciated the comment..


the style crusader said...

oh jill. just read this post (after sending you an e-mail). seriously EAT those delicatoballs. you and kevin together, along with a big glass of whatever your favourite drink is. wine? whisky? tequila? just do it. and give a toast to all the jerks in the world, all the people they will screw over, and all those that will rise above it and be stronger (that's you by the way). sending you all the love in the world and all the delicatoballs it takes to see you through this week. xx

styleeast said...

Jill, I'm so sorry to hear about your money traumas, that's just awful. It makes me despair for people, that they'd do that, not knowing the effect it would have on you. I second what Jen says, rising above it is the best way and having your attitude to getting on with it and making the most of the situation in the best way you can is the best you can do. I really hope it's all resolved soon, sending you lots of love and wishes for a happy holiday xx

Style Odyssey said...

Bless your heart, my lovely friend. I am so sorry, what a seriously crappy day! Good grief, when it rains, it pours, doesn't it?

As for the ensemble in question- it looks like runway attire. I do love the color combo and the textural juxtapositions. I personally would not wear this- not now, not ever. But hey, it's London, right? I do feel that garters don't work as outerwear. Regardless of whether it's a "do" or "don't", the photo is great.

Feel better, Jill. Jen is right: Eat those candies!

mtg said...

how terrible! i am so very sorry to hear that. you are in my thoughts...

Unknown said...

oh poor thing! I hope you have a wonderful vacation, come home happy and relaxed, and find that all your woes have vanished!! (well, wouldn't we all like that?)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

oh, Jill. I'm sorry to hear you're having a bad time. You and Mr. Dot will be in my thoughts and prayer this weekend. Here' to silver linings. Take care, luv. xo. -Bella Q

Anonymous said...

Ahhh those bastards. So sorry to hear about this Jill, I can imagine it must be such a blow to both you and Mr Dot.

All I can say is have a wonderful holiday and come back happy and refreshed!


Shopgirl said...

What a horrible day, that is one of the worst kind of feelings. It certainly does make you realise you have some wonderful friends around you, glad you have them.

I do like the whole underwear-as-outerwear look but on someone more age appropriate maybe...

Enjoy the outdoor pool - that will be a real treat :)

EML said...

This is why I love london. you can go out wearing whatever you want to!
I doubt her mother let her out like this. She might not have been at home when her daughter left or something.
Anyway, I kinda like this look. I think the shoes really balace the outfit (well, to a certain extend that is). and I think that girl next to her (her friend?) looks amazing

Adorngirl said...

I 'm not sure how religious you are and I defintiely don't want to sound preachy, but I was at Kingdom Hall just yesterday, and the meeting was about perservering through trials. you are a obviously a strong woman, and you have shown the example the talkers were trying to put across was to stay strong, and be positive as god provides in the end. You have great firends, and have had the sense to surround yourself with good people, and they have come throguh for you, don't even worry about sounding 'grumpy' so to speak

thank you for your refreshing honesty, as we all have low days, and feel scared to put those thoughts out there as we all want to seem happy, and bright all the time.

Cheers to Jil, prayers to you that everything is resolved very soon. xx

The Photodiarist said...

What a shite day, Jill! Two years ago, when in Paris about to buy a pair of shoes at some fancy store, my debit card wouldn't go through. I was told to call my bank. Apparently someone hacked into my personal account as well and was charging gasoline like noone's business - as in $1500 worth. This was during the gas crisis of 2008. I was so bummed out! So I left the shoes convinced by the women in the store that the sale had not gone through. But then again . . . it had. Only I found that out when in New York checking my bank accounts. So I had to appeal to the store in france to refund me my money as I had not taken the shoes. That took 6 weeks of endless phone calls and reminders and so on. One good thing about my story is that my bank did refund all of the money to my account. Am sure yours will too. It's such a horrible violation though - especially when it happens to your personal account (as opposed to a credit card account). Safe travels to the DR.

jill said...

Oh that is such a great story, PDiarist! It's like a Cinderella story with a twist. I bet you loved the shoes, too. Wouldn't it be great if someday when you least expect, you find them really cheaply on eBay. And thanks for your safe travels wish: I got so unnerved about the bank, it made me anxious about the trip, as I'll be waiting in the DR airport in the middle of the night for a guy I don't know to pick me up & bring me to my friend's villa. She totally trusts him, and I know I'll be careful in the airport, and I've been so looking forward to this trip, but it's funny how one random think can sometimes - if it's after a particularly crap week - can knock me sideways. IF I LET IT.

Yeah, you've all really got it, about why it's scary but also why it's not. Ashanti (Adorngirl) what you wrote is so uncanny, and extends beyond just this bank thing, which I hope to tell you in person about when I'm back.

I know we can't always be happy and bright. I was debating whether to be honest or false in my post that day, and I'm glad, from your collective response, that I was true to how I was feeling that day. Which I'm not feeling now! Thank God. And yes, while I come from a mixed religious background and our faith is not belonging to any one particular secular group, I do consider myself to be quite a spiritual person.

Faith isn't just an island in a setting sun for me. Or rather, it is! And proof, for me, is often proof that there is a God. or Goddess, as the case may be.