kirby: ghost in the machine

Was on my way to a blog-related meeting on Wednesday the 23rd June, turned down Old Bond Street, and was following a guy in plaid pants. He had such an air about him: his movements were so jaunty, he had this energy and.. can't think of any other word besides style. I had no idea what he looked like, but knew I had to shoot him, so I just ran after him, shooting as I went.

Finally caught up with him when the turned the corner. Kirby is his name, and he works for Commes de Garcons, at Dover Street Market, where he was heading back with his Starbucks. He was so so so nice, and was quite modest about being shot, but I back into the street (my lens really closes in on people) just as a car turned the corner and almost ran me over. It wasn't til I got the first shot back that I realised what a freaky spooky shot it was. And uncanny, the way his legs framed his coffee cup. And he's blurred but the cup is in focus.

This is what he really looks like.

Off to yoga class!! Finally!! And one of my favourite teachers is filling in, Linda. I'm a bit rusty but Mr. Dot has promised he'd do some street shots of me doing splits in the air, because I realised when friends commented recently 'wow you used to be flexible'.. well you know what they say, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but hopefully, said dog will remember the old tricks.


Unknown said...

love his trausers!!!


Anonymous said...

Kirby looks adorable - and of course he works in fashion, you can tell that a mile off! ck :) x

The Photodiarist said...

Fun photos!

Christine ♡ said...

Oh I love his trousers. :)

Unknown said...

he is the dude, really suits that doesn't he. without looking too not himself. creepy had next to his!

Style Odyssey said...

glad you didn't get run over while street-shooting, be careful!! xx
i quite like his pants.

Clara said...

His trousers! Love them.

Love Food said...

I tried to comment on this earlier but my internet was being silly.

I really like his trousers. And that image is very creepy. Funny how things happen and we can't explain them.

Lydia xxx

Clazzerati said...

He is adorable. And those trousers are great. I love it when someones outift just makes you smile. x